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Activities that will look great on your college application

Getting into your dream college is no easy feat anymore with competition soaring high. Grades no longer hold the importance that they once did and are not the major deciding factor to get you in. Today colleges are more interested in what you’ve done that sets you apart, knowledge and experience that goes beyond the textbooks assigned to you.

We’re not saying that you start neglecting your GPA, though. While it’s still very important to maintain a high GPA to even be considered for a positing at a good college, taking part in an extra activity tells the college that you have the ability to handle more than one things and that you are a diligent person. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile and are serious about your career. Plus it helps that you’ve got some experience of the outside world because no matter how small a job is the teachings are always great.

Activities that will look great on your college application

Activities that will look great on your college application

So if you are about to make your way to college, make sure you add one of the following to your application:


High School usually offers a lot of clubs with all sorts of interests art, books, music, drama, join one or more of these, whatever interests you. It’s a great way to hone a talent and meet new people. if your schools doesn’t have anything of interest, find it elsewhere, don’t let it stop you.

Community service

Volunteer at an animal shelter, participate in a food drive, volunteer at a hospital, because one, it is a rewarding experience and a way better way to spend your time than watching movies, second it will help you become a grateful, hopeful person, and third because colleges play close attention to your contribution to society.


Sports are a great way to remove yourself from the stress of school, which can be overwhelming for some. It helps you get your mind off of things, it’s a great way to let loose and stay fit and it helps add discipline to your life while making you a team player. It’s the coolest way to destress and colleges like students who take on the added responsibility.


Although internships are hard to find for school students there are still some options. If you manage to land yourself one, it will go a long way with you. It’ll help you not only in college but even later when you start applying for a job.

The reason colleges consider it so important is because you develop into a professional with this kind of experience.

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