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Reasons to avoid skipping classes

We all know we shouldn’t skip classes, and yet we all do it and are faced with an immense amount of guilt by the end of the day. In that way, your missing the class only adds more stress to your life than give you a stress free day to yourself. But the repercussions go beyond the guilt and that’s exactly what we are examining today. Here’s why you should avoid skipping classes:

Reasons to avoid skipping classes

Reasons to avoid skipping classes

It’s a waste of money

Have you ever lost money? It’s a painful feeling isn’t it? Now imagine throwing you money in the bin, even more painful right? But that’s pretty much what you are doing by skipping classes. You know college is expensive and when you skip a class you are at least wasting $50 -$100. That’s a lot of money!

Your grade is more likely to go down

A lot of college have marks for attendance, the more you skip the more you lose out on those marks that should ideally help you score better. Likewise, class participation and contribution also make a small but still important percentage of your grade. These are marks you can only get if your professor notices you in a good way. You don’t want to be noticed for missing too much because that just makes it more likely for your professor to give you a bad grade. Of course there’s also the fact that attending classes helps you get an idea about your course, helps you grasp concept and gives you tips on how to present them during exams.

It’s habitual

Sure you think you’ll do it just this once but the next thing you know you make missing classes a habit. Skipping classes becomes a slippery slope, it almost become unavoidable after a while because the more you miss classes the more you lose touch and the more you avoid classes again. Also it becomes difficult to throw yourself back into a routine once you start slacking.

You’ll have to eventually catch up anyway

You will have to work harder than your other classmates to catch up. This means going through extra reading material, you’ll have to study on your own and anticipate what is important and what is not. These things just become easier if you attend classes and you can also count on your professor for guidance if you are regular.

It’s just means more stress

After missing a class you have to worry about what you missed, if the teacher noticed your absence, if that’s going to get you in trouble in the future. It also means depending on your classmates to bring you unto seen on what happened, for notes, for assignments and projects due etc. It’s just a lot more work that the day is worth.

You’ll miss out

College is about all experiences, all kind of it, skipping classes means you miss out on the whole class experience, making friends, the remarks, the discussions, etc. You limit your social circle as well.

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