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Walk carefully and don’t fall into the trap

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All through life, people see many traps that attract them. Some people fall into the traps that they see during their life, while others fall into this trap and then expend rest of their lives on the road to recovery. Your elders and well-wishers always try to earn you, but sometimes even after repeated reminders you fall into such traps.

No one can help you recognize all the traps, but in this blog, I will talk about one of the most common pitfalls that youngsters are likely to fall into. Young students these days fall prey to the over-exaggerated advertisements and choose wrong careers. Most of you can relate to this as in the past, you also have done something out of influence and regret it later.

Career is a big part of our lives, and since childhood, we have been taught to work hard to accomplish all our dreams. Choosing a career is a critical job, and most of the youngsters choose a career because of other influences rather than analyzing their interests and happiness. Don’t opt for something out of pressure. As humans, we need to work hard to earn bread, but that doesn’t mean that you have to force yourself to do something half-heartedly.

You are unique and not just made to follow the crowd. Your attractiveness does not lie in following other people, but in discovering your individual distinctive path and then, courageously following it. You need to stay tremendously attentive and use your intellect to decide if something is on the path to the kind of life, which you wish to build for yourself.

You must have heard people saying that their student life was the best part and they wish they could go back in time to cherish those days. We don’t realize the importance of something when we have them and later when those moments are gone; we appreciate them and crave for them to come back.  We either live in past or future, but fail to appreciate the present. Your today is the day you were worried about yesterday, but when it finally arrives you fail to appreciate it and continue to worry again about the future, which is uncertain.

A major part of our lives is influenced by others, many of us even fail to discover who we are and live our life in vain and doubts. All through your life, other people try to convey you a false story and emotionally tries to fit their version to match with your outlook. Everything around us looks so glorified, so thrilling and so vivid that every so often I, in fact, gets terrified thinking ‘What the drawing warning sign of all this will be’ if somebody misses the mark with what all is happening everywhere. The results would be disastrous, and the person will experience stress and later can fall into depression. Don’t let others decide for you and be enthusiastically more proficient and knowledgeable.

Most of the people are afraid of following their dreams, because of the attached uncertainty and fear of failure. It is fairly reasonable, then that they obtain mediocre outcomes when they contribute ordinary decision making and then middling struggles into their lives. Do not expect a successful life with all the right things happening to you while you barely put any efforts. Opportunity knocks at everyone’s door, and when it comes you have to be ready to seize it and become excellent in your life.

Take small steps and do not rush into things, as your baby steps towards our dream career and your dream life will count. Do not afraid to make a move in the direction of your self-goal. It is perfectly fine if you may take more time than others. You have been given this life to be a better person, and no to outdo others and outdo them. Don’t ignore your inner voice and continue being a part of the rat-race. Be compassionate towards yourself and listen to your inner voice, as your inner voice will always help you and not let you fall for any false trap that you may encounter in your life. Be a conqueror, not a fatality of life.

The rule is simple, if you wish to gain something you never had, you need to out in the extra efforts that you have never put.

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