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Writing A Strong Research Question For Your Academic Paper

Writing a strong Research Question for your Academic Paper

For writing effective research papers, thesis, and assignments, you need to frame strong research questions. With the help of a strong research question, you get to identify what precisely you want for your study and what your audiences are willing to hear. By employing implicit efforts in your writing, you are elongated towards a clear direction and purpose. Some of the primary characteristics of writing a strong research question are-

  • Use primary and secondary sources for performing research.
  • Be more specific to generate a complete response.
  • Focus well on a specific topic or issue.
  • Try to relate your research field with a broader perspective of society.
  • Restrict it within the bounds of a realistic timeline.
  • Keep it more complex so that you are able to develop an answer out of your research.

A good research question will lead you towards persuasive reading and thinking. The key statement of your research paper, i.e., your thesis statement, should come up with a compelling response. While writing a long thesis or dissertation, you might have to ask numerous research questions regarding your study. Still, make sure that all of them are well- related to the research topic and its better understanding. There are different types of research questions, each of which are related to a particular form of study.

Here are some stages that you need to follow for writing an effective research question.

  • Select a broader topic.
  • Conduct some initial research about current issues and debates.
  • Based on your wish and preferences, choose a specific niche.
  • Select a research problem, either theoretical or practical.

You need to consider what you want to know through your research and how it will help you solve your problem. This is the reason why you are told to ask one or more research questions for answering a specified problem. The way you structure your study is the way you determine your question. Here in this blog, we have mentioned a few factors that will assist you in determining the authenticity of your research question.

Well-researched and focused research question

In order to stick towards the aim of your research, you must stem your research question from the problem itself. Use primary or secondary data sources for answering your question. If you are not able to collect enough information, then you must rephrase your inquiry and be more specific. Things that you need to avoid in your research question are the aspects of being good, better, worse or awful, as these subjective adjectives do not provide clear criteria. Instead, use more quantifiable phrases.

Specific and feasible research question

Make sure that you have enough time and resources to conduct proper research. This way, you’ll be able to respond to the question well. In order to be more precise, refine your research question. All the elements included in your research question should be defined clearly. Do not use broad notions and avoid ambiguous language. Do not demand a definitive strategy, answer or plan of action.

Original and relevant research question

Based on the preliminary reading of your topic, the research question should be formulated to solve a specific issue. The question needs to uplift the ongoing argument by generating information that can be built upon by future practitioners and scholars. You don’t need to sound revolutionary here; just remember to be unique in your own way and pattern.

Arguable and complex research question

Closed research questions aren’t considered appropriate for study as they do not allow you to discuss the matter or examine its condition. For a good research question, include original data, analysis, and synthesis from various sources. Do not just limit your research to some factual statement; instead, make it a forum for discussion so that audiences are able to understand its relevance and discover what’s unnoticed. So when it comes to a strong research question, give space for discussion and discourse.

So, this is all that you need to develop a constructive research question. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your research papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online research assignment help services for professional help and guidance.



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