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The Power of Positivity

You have often heard people saying that success is not instant, but it takes a lot of failures to witness success. When we were kids, we were asked to be optimistic and accept the things as they are and be confident about everything and with time this positive approach becomes a personality trait. When people are hit hard, some manage to walk past the difficulties, while others just succumb to the circumstances, this has risen a question as to why people react differently in similar situations when everyone is taught to be positive. The answer to this is the attitude of individuals. To simply put this, the position of a person determines his ability to deal with failure.

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It is important to understand that you may not get what you desire all the time, but this doesn’t mean that you fail at something, rather this should be taken in the sense that what you wanted was not good enough and the Almighty has saved you from disaster. It has been said that ‘everything happens for a reason,’ sometimes we do not understand the reason at the very moment when it happens, but a person should never lose faith in the Supreme power and accept the situation as it is, rather than imagining it to be different.

The problems faced by individuals during various stages are different, and the maturity levels are also different. For example; a small kid, getting the desired Christmas present is all he can hope for, but as we grow older, our dreams and wishes change and the level of emotions also change. Let’s talk about students and young people. Youth today not only face pressure from parents, but many other additional problems are troubling them. Studies, good grades, peer pressure, are inevitable and should be dealt with maturely. Healthy competition is always good, and a little nervousness helps people to conquer the difficulties, but there is a fragile line between healthy competition and undue pressure and this need to be identified at the right time and people should never fall prey to such evils.

A positive attitude doesn’t solve the problem in the first place, but it gives the required energy to deal with such stressful situations. No individual can cross a river without wetting their feet. Similarly, no person can live his life without facing difficulties. God never put us into difficult situations without showing us the way to deal with them; rather he uses challenges to help us realize our hidden strength, which would have otherwise become latent and of no use for us.

You must have read various success stories and felt instantaneously motivated, but the next time you read any success story, read it with a holistic approach and try to comprehend the role of the positive attitude of the author that made him hold onto the situation. Instead of reading success stories, I focus my energy towards failure stories. The reason behind that is to learn from other’s mistakes. Reading success stories alone will not do anything good, rather a reader should know both, the success and failure accounts. For example; I am personally moved by the success story of Mr. Ratan Tata, who once faced rejection at the hands of Ford. Bounced back and within a span of ten years became so successful that he offered help to the Ford Motors when it was facing massive losses and purchased the Land Rover Division and turned it into a successful venture. Ratan Tata did not waste time focusing on the failure, rather he worked hard on his product and let his work talk for himself. You may find numerous such stories of how positive attitude has helped the people, but my advice to you is to read those stories with a holistic view and try to get into the shoes of the author and understand his viewpoint.

Preaching is easy, and almost anybody can become an expert while advising others, but when it comes to applying the same most of the people fail. This blog is not about preaching you to do this to get that. Instead, I am trying to put forward my point that problems are a part of life, but how you deal with them is the art of life. As a student, I have faced challenges, and many times I almost lost all the hope, but what made me keep going is my faith in the God, who I believe was always there to show the way.  I wish that each of my readers face all the fundamental problems that will eventually make them better humans and while facing problems do not let any negative thought bother you divert your mind from the main issue. Face difficulties with courage and positive attitude and no goal will remain unaccomplished in your life.

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