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Technology In Education

Technology in education

Technology is growing by leaps and bounds, and has influenced each and every aspect of human life. We start using technology the moment we wake up, and in fact, we depend on technology to even wake up in the morning. Human interaction and dependence on technology is never ending, and technology has successfully managed to change the way we look at the world and do things. It has given us endless possibilities, and it is now upon us humans to use it wisely for the betterment of the society.
Unfortunately, the true potential of technology has not been realized in the field of education yet. There are still a lot of schools that are left behind when it comes to integrating technology into their classroom, and making use of it effectively to teach their students. This being said, it is important to evaluate the reason behind this. Firstly, a lot of schools are yet to realize the importance of technology in educating their students, while a lot of schools do understand this but they cannot do anything because they lack funds to introduce modern day equipments into their classrooms.
The question that thus needs to be answered is how can technology be merged with the present education system?
This process is a long and tiring one, but not something that is unachievable. This would begin by teaching basic computer skills to the teachers, and then moving on to cutting-edge technological utilities. When the teachers become familiar with the usage, they would be able to teach their students in a better way, and improve their learning process and knowledge base. Educational experts have outlined four key elements that are essential for this: active engagement, group participation, constant interaction and proper feedback.

New technological tools can also offer a variety of ways to students, so that they can experiment, observe and grow. As a result, students would take keen interest in their studies, stay engaged and remain more focused. This would not only improve their academic performance, but also reduce their behavioral problems, and ensure that they grow into well informed and educated adults. At the same time, technology in education has greatly enhanced the teacher-student relation, and has offered numerous ways in which teachers can assess the understanding and performance of the students.

This process would definitely take a lot of time, and would also initially face a lot of resentment from parents. But it is up to the teachers and tutors to explain the many advantages of technology to parents, so that even the latter can understand it and advocate its correct use. It is now only a matter of a few years before technology completely takes over the educational field, and reforms the way teachers teach students. Until then, let us embrace the change with open arms and use technology for the betterment of students and teachers alike.

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