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How To Prepare A Persuasive Speech Outline?

How to prepare a Persuasive Speech Outline?

Are you aware of the concept of persuasive speech? Well, if you are at college, you might have been given one for your assignment. Before we move on to discuss the outline of a persuasive speech, let’s just take a look at what it means and why is it important for students.

A persuasive speech is a kind of speech that is written or spoken with the intention to convince the audience to believe something. The whole process here is virtual. It might include voting, social distancing, organ donation camp, maintaining hygiene or wearing masks. You can only call a speech a successful persuasive piece when it is able to convince the audience of your opinion and thought. It must be trustworthy and knowledgeable, or else it will not be able to fulfill its purpose.

For some students, it might be a difficult job to handle a large mass and represent their opinion before them. This process is quite complex, especially for ones doing it for the first time. Here are some tips that can help students deliver a perfect persuasive speech before the audience.


Preparing for a persuasive speech is not easy for students. It plays a vital role in delivering a powerful speech. Think twice before you make your point clear before the audience. Your motive and purpose of the speech should be clear in such a manner that you are able to convince the audience with your words. With the help of advanced preparations, you get to organize your thoughts and opinions and present them in such a manner that the audience isn’t bored with the content.

Before preparing any speech, make sure that you are aware of the audience and their needs. For example, what they need to know if they are interested in hearing your speech. Then all you need to do is plan things accordingly.

Things to keep in mind while preparing a persuasive speech

  • The age group of the audience
  • From where they belong
  • Gender and religious background
  • Their common interests, beliefs, habits and problems

These factors must be kept in mind while preparing the speech. If you want to develop interest among the audience and convince them of your point of view, then you need to prepare it effectively. For example, if you are told to deliver a speech on a school dropout, then you should begin your content with the story of childhood, how the child struggled during that time, how education changed his life, what was the impact of education among the masses and so on. This kind of speech will be more prevalent in the parent audience.

Three main approaches to persuade the mass

While you are figuring out to approach your mass in an effective manner, here are the three main things that you need to keep in mind-


This is a type of persuasion technique that is related to the emotions of the audience. For instance, when you are delivering a story that is related to a character that suffered a lot in his lifetime but finally gained victory over it, the character would then be seen as a superhero in the eyes of the audience.


Ethos tends to appeal to the moral values and ethics of the audience. So, for example, you might have to tell the forest residents what to do and what not to save the environment so that you can stop shifting cultivation and try to adopt more effective scientific approaches for improving their livelihood.


Logos represent logic. Whenever delivering a persuasive speech to the audience, remember to include logic and facts in it. You have to make the audience understand what is right and what is wrong. And in order to prove your opinion, you need to present a logic that is ethically correct.

Ideas for preparing persuasive speech outline

Structure: The opening and closing sections of the speech are the most important aspects of your speech. They both need to be attractive and must catch the first attention of the audience. By saying this, we mean that you need to include facts and dramatic content in your speech. You can even begin your speech with some common characteristics that the audience possesses. It’s the most effective tool in grabbing the attention of the audience.

The argument of your speech must be well-researched and based completely on your opinion. While proving your point of view, make sure that audience is able to correlate with it.

The closing section of your speech is the last chance to convince the audience, so do not lose this opportunity. Instead, present it in the most effective manner.

Hope by now you must have understood the meaning, characteristics and other important aspects of a persuasive speech. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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