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How Technology Improves Education?

How technology improves education?

It is not just business and economies that grow by leaps and bounds when they take advantage of technologies all around the world, but also education of students. Technology has tremendously helped to improve the quality of education in the country, and has also made the process of imparting knowledge much more easier and interesting. Consequently, there has been a huge and positive impact on students. Students now actually look forward to going to their class to study and learn, and to make use of the interactive technologies that are available to them.

Videos can range from historical speeches to informative tutorials, and from animated characters to movie adaptations of famous novels. Videos have revolutionized the education system, and have made it much more effective and dimensional. Instead of just learning from the black and white pages of their textbooks, students can now actually see the events in motion, and remember them better.

Cloud computing
Cloud technology and cloud based services have done a lot to improve higher education across schools and universities. Students have also reacted positively, and have welcomed this innovation with open arms.

Shared services
Shared services are a latest technological breakthrough. It helps students to obtain open source solutions and customized applications, which saves both time and money, and thus proves to be very affordable and efficient for the students.

The flipped classroom
This technological approach became so popular, that almost all schools have now switched to it, or plan to do so at the earliest possible. The flipped classroom is basically a practice in which students are required to watch lecture videos as their homework, and they then discuss it with their teachers in the class. This helps both the teacher and the student, the former can save up a lot of time for valuable class interactions, while the latter can now learn at their own pace. It is no wonder that this has shown positive results, and a noticeable grade boost up.

Computer aided learning
Computer aided learning in the classroom, especially in the case of difficult subjects like mathematics and science, helps to familiarize students with the subject, and to make them comfortable with it. Computers can now assess the student learning on different subjects, and then assign them with different study material. Technology has also made it possible for computers to then provide them with a chart that tracks their progress, which comes in handy for self assessment.

Social media
This may sound weird to read, but social media can actually help in improving classroom interaction, and boost students grades. Teachers are now using social media platforms like Twitter to stay connected with their students, to share interesting study related material and other informative stuff, and to remind them of the upcoming exams and assignment deadlines, etc.

It is a shame that technology is blamed for diverting the attention of students, and parents do not advocate the use of mobiles phone and laptops by their students. Instead, students should be encouraged to use technology for all the right reasons, to read and to learn more, so that they can become erudite and informed individuals.

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