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How to escape the monotony of life?

Twenties are a difficult time for most people. It’s when you have to learn to come to terms with life. You’ve just stepped into the world, away from family, with buckets full of expectations about how college or a job will change your life forever. This is the moment the teenaged you was desperately waiting for. But instead of finding yourself in a SexAndTheCity-ish world full of glamour and excitement, you find yourself stuck in a morbid routine which seems endless and futile. This is usually the time when you start craving for some surprises, anything to make you feel alive, anything that helps you see the sense in life. Well, you’re not alone my friend, this the work of that treacherous fiend called routine who hijacks your life making it feel like a total dullard.

How to escape the monotony of life?

How to escape the monotony of life?

And here are some simple ways to defeat it and draw inspiration from life all over again:

Latch yourself to a hobby

Hobbies are a great way to break the whole work-commute-eat-sleep routine that starts to eat away your life after a while. It could be anything painting, writing, a book club, etc, in fact creative hobbies life these not only help break the routine but also are great for emotions wellbeing. Also they are a great way to keep the passion in life alive and meet new people. So, find something that you like and dedicate a defined time to it.

Go travel

Surprise yourself with an impromptu trip. Traveling is a great way to escape routine, it helps clear your head of problems and gives you a chance to think about these problems with a refreshed mindset. They are also a great way to find a little inspiration and to find yourself.

Turn the screen off and read

We spend every waking minute of our life in front of screens, whether for work or after hours, it’s no wonder that life becomes boring to us. So, give yourself a break and turn off the screen for a while and give your mind a breather. Instead try reading a book to help you escape reality, a fantasy that transports you to another land or a thriller that gives you goosebumps, something to trigger your imagination.

Change the scenery

Sometimes the best way to escape routine is to escape it. If you’ve been working in the same job for years and years or living in the same place for the longest time, it might be a good idea to try something new. It’s very difficult because we associate routine with safety but challenges like these can really help you grow as an individual. It doesn’t have to be anything too radical either, try a change that helps you move out of your comfort zone but doesn’t give you panic attacks. Try making a change that excites you.

Resist planning too far ahead

Try to resist planning too far ahead in life and welcome the unpredictably that it offers. A little surprise and challenge can be very good for someone who’s trying too escape the predictability of life. Also planning too much only mean too much expectations which can have a negative impact on you if unachieved.

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