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Why Is There A Need To Cite Poem In Your Content?

Why is there a need to cite Poem in your content?

While writing for your academic paper or assignment, you are often told to explore different areas through research and provide facts and arguments that go just beyond the bounds of providing information. You search for information in different sources, including books, articles, magazines, newspapers, libraries and various websites. So when we talk about writing a poem or writing something related to a poem, the same concept of referencing or citing sources applies in this academic section as well.

Many academic topics or essays require students to quote poems for better presentation and accumulation of sources. This is because poetry is said to be the most popular channel of knowledge and wisdom. According to experts, poems are a great source of information that acts as an important resource in many academic fields.

Therefore, it is very important for students to learn about the process of citing poems in their content. This might help them with their academic projects that are related to arts, literature, English and many other social science assignments. Along with these fields, comes various other academic aspects that require citation, including presentations, research papers, coursework and many different kinds of academic essays.

While deriving a few lines from a poem or referring to the poem’s main idea or theme, you somehow acknowledge the work of the author of the poem. This allows you to give appropriate credits to the author and avoids the use of plagiarism in your work.

Citing the source of your poem will make the audience realize your due diligence and dedication towards the project. This also makes sure that you are attaching a credible source to your content and have thus conducted proper research for it. Also, the supported arguments and statements attached in your content are proof that you have cited your content wisely.

Details required for citation

Before you cite any of your academic source of the poem in your content, make sure that you have the following details for it-

  • Name of the poet
  • The line and page number of the quoted text
  • Title of the poem
  • Name of the publication company
  • Year of publication
  • URL in case of a website or online portal

Important things to remember while citing a poem

When you have to only cite a single line of a poem, make sure that you use quotation marks and keep the format close to the original context.

When you are using two or more lines of a poem for quotation, use ‘/’ to represent the gaps between lines and add space before and after the text.

Most of the poems call for a similar structure of writing called stanzas. So, when your quotation requires the use of some stanza in your work, then represent it with a ‘//’.

When you are citing a few lines or sections of a poem, make sure that you mention the right line number for the same.

In case, you only require a mid-portion of a long poem for a quotation; then there’s no need to count the line number manually. Instead, simply mention the page number of the book and where it is published.

When you are to cite one or more poems from the same poet, add the poem’s title in the in-text citation list.

Citing the poem from a book

Format: Name of the poet, name of the book, publisher, year of publishing, page number

Citing the poem in an anthology

Format: Name of the poet, title of the poem, publisher, year of publishing, page number

Citing the poem from a website

Format: Name of the poet, title of the poem, publication date, name of the website, URL

Hope this blog was useful enough to help you understand the process and need of citing the source of a poem. Apart from this, if you require help regarding your literature assignments or essays, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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