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Steps to stop you from over thinking

We all think through our problems, it’s what helps us make decisions. But have you ever thought about your thinking? Have you faced moments of total uneasiness, when there’s this unsettling feeling that you can’t get rid of, things just don’t feel like they’ll end well and everything feels like a total mess? If yes, then welcome to the realm of over thinking.

Steps to stop you from over thinking

Steps to stop you from over thinking

Over thinkers usually have a tendency to aggravate their problems in their head, they start imagining all that could go wrong and it vivid details. As you can imagine it is difficult for them to stay positive about life. They’ll keep pondering about a decision that they once made, or something that they said yesterday, they’ll take forever to make a decision in times of crisis and these things only stop them from taking any action. They over analyze a situation so much that they can’t make themselves do anything for fear. If that sounds a little bit like you, our advice to you would be to not let this habit refrain you from living your life or following your dreams, and here’s how:

Take action

An over thinker will analyze and reanalyze a situation instead of making a fast decision. The more they things, the more negative scenarios they can come up with and this is what stops them from actually taking any action. It is good to take your time to make a decision but for over thinkers this just turns into procrastination, the kind that is hard to escape. So, whenever you want to make, think things through, weight to positives and negatives, try to imagine how the decision will make you feel and then son ACT ON IT.

Redirect your attention

Sometimes all you need to do is put the negatives thoughts at bay. The best way to that could be to distract yourself. Think of something that engages you completely, helps you take your mind off things, and do it. This could be playing with your pet, talking to a friend taking the kids to the park, whatever you think will completely absorb your attention.

Avoid discussing it too much

It’s ok to discuss a situation with a friend and ask their opinion but what doesn’t help is that that conversation usually deters into discussing the worst possibilities and that can only disturb you further.


It is difficult to control your every thought but you can become conscious of them. That’s what mindfulness is all about (Read our article for more details – Making your mind mindful). By observing your thoughts you don’t give them the power to control you, instead you focus all your energy into the present moment.

Be patient

Be patient in life. Changes take time and it’s easy to lose faith in them but if you lose faith you also lose the motivation to make them happen. It takes a lot of practice to calm your thoughts down, to keep away the negative, but it does happen.

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