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What Is The Purpose Of Education?

What is the purpose of education?

The basic purpose of education is to develop a variety of skills in the students, so that they are able to acquire knowledge in a better way, and thus promote technological advancements and the growth and development of their country. At the same time, education makes them much more disciplined and focused, and ensures that they grow up to become responsible citizens who work for the betterment of the society. Education also plays a central role in instilling love, peace and harmony in the society, and its makes students informed about their responsibilities towards mankind.

It is rightly said that education is the engine of our economy, and it is education that can strengthen the foundation of our culture. Furthermore, education poses on us the responsibility to further educate the next generation, so that they can also grow up to become informed citizens who understand and appreciate their duties and responsibilities.

At the centre of the education matrix lays the student. It is the way the student utilizes the imparted education that makes a huge difference in the society. It is the student who strengthens the foundation of the society, and makes way for everyone to be productive and efficient. Education also opens up the mind of the student, and gives him or her the power to think from different perspectives. Consequently, the student can devise innovative ways to solve problems and find their solutions.

Education is the basis for the life of mankind. As already discussed above, the role of education in the society is tremendous, and without education, the entire civilization would crumble down in a matter of just a few seconds.


Here are some of the infinite roles that education plays in the society:

  1. It allows the members of the society to take part in social governance.
  2. It promotes a methodological mindset in the learners, and helps them to realize their true potential and abilities.
  3. It is only because of education that new innovations and inventions have been made possible, and that humans are able to thrive in comfort.
  4. The explanations behind different scientific and natural phenomenon have also been made possible only due to education.
  5. Education helps students to plan and investigate, so that they can find the solutions to their problems, and analyse and interpret data.

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