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Writing An Investigation Report For Academics

Writing an Investigation Report for academics

Is it difficult for you to compile a management investigation report? Well, just like you, there are many other students who also face the same dilemma and are burdened with the task of writing one. This is because of the complications involved in presenting the entire process and cobbling other facts and figures from different sources for its better compilation.

With the help of an investigation report, students are given the opportunity to present their conducted investigation that consists of all necessary facts and evidence to reach a proper conclusion. These reports tend to save time and present information in a more precise and clear manner.

In order to present an effective management investigation report, the report must contain the following aspects-

  • While writing a report, the content should be presented in such a manner that even if the person reading it does not have any reference is still able to understand its context.
  • The findings provided in your investigation report must be authentic.
  • The person reading the report must be able to understand the allegations made in the report.

Students must keep these things in mind while drafting their report for academics. Further, we have presented a few essential steps followed by experts that can help students compile their investigative reports.

The format for writing an investigation report is as follows-

Executive summary

Being the very first section of your report, this part needs to provide a complete insight into the investigation process. It should include only that information that is not part of the report. The executive summary must be written in the first-person narrative and should present a clear understanding.

Preliminary case information

You can either include this section before or after the executive summary, depending upon your style and needs. The main purpose of this section is to provide basic information on the case in a brief manner. However, this needs to be done in terms of the organization’s needs and context. The preliminary case information includes the following aspects-

  • The identification number and the name of the person who has investigated the case.
  • Number of cases investigated.
  • The date of assigning the case.
  • Complete details of the source.
  • When was the complaint against the case reviewed?
  • The channel for complaint.
  • Name of the reporter.

Subject and summary of the allegation

Under this section, you need to present the allegation briefly without the use of technical jargons or any other technical terms that are beyond the comprehension of any person or organization. Make sure that you specify the type of case in this section and also talk about the subject.

Investigation interviews

Never forget to document all the interviews that have been taken for the report. For instance, a summary of all the interviews will be a good choice.


The last section of your investigation report is the most important one because it involves providing credibility to the entire report. According to experts, you must include a credibility assessment for each of the interviews taken for your report. Some of the most important things that you need to discuss here are – past record, corroboration of the employee, the motive to falsify, plausibility and demeanor.

So, this was all about the management investigation report and how students need to compile one for their academics. In case you require help regarding your academic assignments or projects, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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