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How To Write A Literature Review For Your Assignment?

How to write a Literature Review for your Assignment?

Writing a literature review simply means that you are providing a thorough account of a particular subject or topic. Researchers here tend to portray a comprehensive meaning of their topic by presenting earlier related facts and content. By review, we mean, to incorporate issues that are talked about in the concerned study. A literature review needs an efficient structure and plans to be followed accordingly for better understanding, which can be presented as-

  • A short discussion on the particular issue
  • Providing content and managing studies that represent your genre or topic
  • Dealing with the kind of work that portrays an immediate connection with the question asked from your research

Before moving onto the steps of writing a literature review for your assignment, lets just first try to understand the meaning of literature review for better comprehension of your work. ‘A literature review is an investigative source of different viewpoints and resources, for example, thesis paper, daily articles and books on specific subjects. It tries to give us some general information and background on ideas and other essential key discoveries that are important for your research.’ Following are the goals that need to be accomplished well with the purpose of writing a literature review for your work-

  • It studies and addresses the literature accordingly.
  • It consolidates the sources and gives a general background around your topic.
  • Creates a link between the research question and present information.

A literature review is mostly written for essential research papers and thesis formats. Here the researcher must direct his review of the literature towards one’s existing data or content. Students are required to present their literature review with the purpose of-

  • Embarking an association with their unique work and existing literature content
  • Highlighting the significant areas of issues related to their theme
  • Identifying creative approaches to reveal a better insight into their work

Here are a few points that you need to consider for presenting an effective literature review section to your teacher. Read the blog further to know more about it-

Stage 1 – Collect, Evaluate and Select Literature

If you are told to write a literature review for your research paper or thesis, make sure that you discover some research questions or issues for it. This is the stage where you actually begin researching content for your literature review section. This will help you to select relevant information and facts for your content. Choosing resources here must be done appropriately, or else you’ll end up providing loads of pointless information in your content. Discover the right keywords for your literature, and then find it with reference to some valuable resources.

Stage 2 – Search Subjects and Associations

Once you’ve have collected enough information for your content, now is the time to create associations between two points and then consolidate them as per your theory of research. This will make your structure and outline look a bit consistent in nature. Search for patterns in your content and try to find relevant examples for your literature section. Under this stage, you must also discover a few shortcomings or issues related to your literature review content and find out solutions for it before preparing your final draft.

Stage 3 – Structure of Literature Review

The third stage is where you compose a proper body structure for your literature review content. There are many different types of literature review; these are, integrative review, methodological review, hypothetical review, factious review, historical review and deliberate review. All you need to do is find the relevant one as per your research needs and requirements. You ought to be clear in your mind about the structure and type of review for your literature section.

Stage 4 – Writing a Literature Review

The three main parts of a literature review are introductory section, primary body part and a conclusion. The introduction part should thoroughly focus on the motivation behind your literature review section. It needs to be perfect, straightforward and smooth so that the evaluator can easily perceive your content with the right intention and motivation. For the body part, you need to make the required headings and sub-headings for your content. Try to make an association within your presented paragraphs and content. In the conclusion part, you need to sum up your work perfectly, with all the discoveries and points made depending upon the literature review section.

Once you’re done with the writing section of your literature review for the paper, make sure that you edit and proofread your content well for better interception and understanding. This will also help you to remove all your mistakes and errors made in your content. Apart from this, if you require any kind of academic help for your research papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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