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Writing A Position Paper For Academics

Writing a Position Paper for Academics

Like any other academic task, position paper writing is also relevant to students as it requires a massive amount of research and points to defend in the form of arguments. This makes it crucial for students to understand this concept more thoroughly and adopt its vague features for its better compilation.

A position paper is a kind of assignment where students are told to present a debatable declaration on a specific topic. The paper should be written in such a manner where your content is viewed as legitimate and is worth listening to. With the help of a position paper, students are given the opportunity to present their views before the audience, wherein their thoughts can be encouraged. It is necessary for students to either speak ‘For’ the motion or ‘Against’ it, depending upon the topic they choose for writing. Along with this, they must be able to build up a case in such a manner that can help support the opinion they shared. It is mandatory for students to use appropriate evidence, facts, support, theories and stats to persuade the readers that their content is relevant.

Characteristics of a Position Paper

  • Your position paper must be cogent.
  • Support it with proper reason and evidence.
  • A rational tone should be maintained.
  • Present it with a debatable claim.
  • Explain the views from both sides.

Format for writing a Position Paper

In most cases, the format for writing a position paper is usually provided by the teacher itself; if not, then you can follow the below-mentioned process-

  • The entire text should be single-spaced.
  • Write about the topic for at least one page.
  • Keep your font size up to 12.
  • The theme font should be Times New Roman.
  • Try to avoid the use of pictures, maps, charts and graphs in your paper.
  • Maintain a single inch margin.
  • Write the paper in paragraph form.

Position Paper Outline

As per the experts, outlining the paper saves time, which is why we have provided a few simple steps on compiling an effective outline for your position paper.

Select an appropriate topic: The topic that you choose for writing should have various sides to choose from. If any arguments are raised against your paper, then you should be able to hold a position to defend that. Therefore, before choosing your topic for writing, make sure that proper research is done and you are able to defend it well. Whether you choose a simple or complex topic, be sensible and impressive with its justification.

Provide appropriate evidence: Once you’re clear with the topic in your head, the next thing that you need to do is collect enough evidence to support your statements and facts. Based on your research, write down the points as to why you chose this topic and its particular side. Before beginning to write your paper, always check both sides of your topic and choose the one that sounds more comfortable.

Present your thesis statement: After presenting your supporting arguments, now is the time to write your dialectic statement. Following are some steps that you need to follow for writing a thesis statement of your position paper-

Introduction: Under this section, you need to reflect your point of view to the readers. All that you need to do here is that first, identify the matter; second, state your arguments. The introduction should be written in third-person and should include all those points that can grab the attention of the readers.

Body: Do not exceed its limit by three paragraphs. In order to support your statement, make sure that all the paragraphs state the main topic and its context. You can also include valid quotations and statistics in your content to support your statements and make your content sound more valid.

Conclusion: Never forget to end your content with a strong point as to why the argument was made in the first place and state its relevance.

So, this was all about the position paper writing concept and how students can compile one for their academics. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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