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Education is considered as a remarkable milestone among students in many developed countries. Education is turning out to be quite technical. America is an example, and now India is also adapting to teach students technically. We see that whenever something happens anywhere in the world, it goes viral through the internet and social media, then why can’t education do that? Social media can play a vital role in spreading education across the world to the students at the speed of 1 Gbps.

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What is the role of social media?

In Dallas, TASCD (Texas Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) held a survey which included many teachers, principals, directors of curriculum and development and consultants to know if social media like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. were played in classroom, school or district. Had any consequences?

The answer was quite interesting. The survey clearly showed that many schools have already embraced social media for education.

Do people use social media for education?

How much of the world’s population uses social media?

  1. 46% people says that they just use social media to communicate to their parents, friends and other community.
  2. 29% people says that they use social media for communicating with teachers, students, friends and family.
  3. 25% of then people says that they don’t use social media at all.

It shows that social media is starting to take a bigger role in schools, teachers and students. It was suggested to find out how to make social media more beneficial in education.

Everyone is adopting social media platform and it is becoming quite popular now, but it does not mean that it does not comes with any consequences. We need to be concerned about the safety of the students. When it was asked to figure out challenges regarding implementing education using social media in schools, 39% of people voted related to safety and security for the students, 25% of the people voted that it should be left up to students to utilize social media correctly in school, 25% of the people voted that there is a deficiency of teachers who can teach students to use social media or latest technology correctly and other 11% of the people had no answer regarding this issue. These can also be considered as obstacles for implementing social media in education.

The one’s who have already implemented social media in education has handled these challenges. They have made students sign a “responsible use” terms and conditions. This simply makes students to behave while using internet and results in correct things. Though there are still a lots of challenges which exist in adopting social media for education. Many of us can also see the advantages in social media. Today’s students are becoming more aware of the technologies and social media which can help students and teachers too.

There are two main opportunities of social media,

  1. Techers can have better engagement with students, and
  2. Teachers can build a better network using social media.

Social network and media are those platforms which are not going to diminish at all in future. Everyone is seeking for better education environment using latest technologies. Social media site has provided better engagement of a teacher to a student, also providing better ambiance.


In this century, if someone wants to study, there is no limitation to ways in which he or she can do it. It does not matter if he or she is sitting in a classroom or at school or in public place, social media is a platform where he or she can be connected with people or teachers.

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