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What is communication? When a person sends or receives messages from another person, communication between two happens. Communication refers to sending signals to a person through different methods like verbal activities or sometimes it is done through expressions. There are two types of communication through which we can receive messages from other people that are, verbal and non-verbal. Communication is needed for establishing a relationship with other people and conveying our message to them.

Strategy for developing effective communication

Every person is having need of effective communication to be successful and to maintain a good relationship with other people, being in their personal or professional life. Effective communication skill is basic fundamental to be a successful person in many aspects of life. When we give interviews for jobs, we are supposed to have good communication skills, we should be able to communicate effectively. We need to be a good speaker as well as a good listener. If a person is a good listener, he or she can reach a correct conclusion of a problem or any other thing. A person with good communication is usually the one who enjoys interpersonal relationships with family and friends better. Generally, people avoid or ignore people who are not good in communication, as, they cannot express their ideas and thoughts clearly. There are two factors which play an important role in communication, a good listener and a good speaker. Being a good speaker does not mean that a person should speak a lot, it means that a person should speak only when he or she possesses good knowledge on that particular topic, he or she should speak effectively. If a person possesses partial knowledge about a topic, it can sometimes turn against him. Effective communication skill is the key element in person’s life for maintaining a good relationship in business or personal life.

How to be a good speaker?

To be a good speaker, one must have the courage to say what he or she thinks about a particular thing or a topic. One has to be confident in what he or she is saying and what can they can contribute that is worth in a conversation. A person should be aware of his or her own feelings, ideas, values, and opinions which would help him or her to express themselves correctly. They should be clear in their sentences while talking and they should make eye contact with the audience. If a person cannot make eye contact, they can look on people’s forehead. Making eye contact expresses the confidence of a person. One should not speak very fast, they should speak clearly and also listen to others too.

How to be a good listener?

A person needs to focus on what others are saying, they need to observe their body language and other non-verbal cues and then only they can answer their questions. They should not interrupt people when they are speaking. If a person is not attentive while listening, he can miss non-verbal cue of other person and this can result in a bad impression of him. One must show interest in what the person in front of him or her is saying without interrupting them. Best way to show interest in what other person is saying is to nod your head. It can be a good supporter in communication event between two people. Another thing can be to smile and to maintain an open posture.

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