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How To Write A Personal Statement?

How to write a Personal Statement?

While submitting your college application for admission, the first item that gets attached in your file is the personal statement. It gives an excellent opportunity for students to create a positive impact on the interview panel. With the help of this paper, you express your ideas, interests, beliefs and preferences that further gets reviewed by the college committee. This paper needs to be well-crafted and informative in terms of providing the details and facts related to the candidate.

This is where you convey your beliefs and perspectives within a document compiled as a personal statement. Here, you try to connect yourself with the evaluation panel members and hope to convince them that you are full of enthusiasm – an intelligent person who can do wonders with his/her skills.

A personal statement’s standard length is from around 750 words to one full page, depending upon the exaggeration of words. However, the college committee is not much concerned about the length of your personal statement for application. Instead, they review it as an informative and insightful source of your beliefs and opinions.

While writing for your personal statement, do not get overwhelmed with the words and phrases you present. There’s no need to include any irrelevant achievements to impress the evaluation committee about your work and skills. The things that work best here are your simplistic achievements identified with correct phrases and words. The thing that we are talking about here is that do not get into something that is quite provocative or opinionated. This might include your religious, racial equality or homosexuality opinions. The only thing that you need to cover here is the things that make you curious by nature.

Important things to remember while drafting your personal statement

In terms of your objective to write and present opinions to your personal statement, here are the five concerns that you need to focus upon while framing your statement.

  • Present such personality traits that make a significant impact on your life.
  • You might also discuss about a personality who’s had a great influence on you. This can be a fictional character or some political figure.
  • Try to analyze a great connection or challenge that you have surpassed or a problem witnessed by you with its effective implications.
  • You can also highlight any personal, regional, environmental or global issues encountered in your life.
  • Considering your accomplishments and past experiences, describe how you’d add up yourself to the university’s reputation.

In addition, to these above-mentioned facts, you can also add your personal opinions and beliefs based on your self-perception and personality to outshine.

Steps involved in writing a personal statement

This can be quite challenging for students as they have to prepare one hell of a statement that can simply impress the college committee with the words you choose to write. Follow the below-mentioned steps carefully to help you out with the process-

Write a strong introduction

Provide proper exaggeration and an overview of your personality. Remember, introduction being the first part, creates a first impression on the minds of your readers. So be wise while choosing your words and the right application of phrases to describe what you are before the committee. Also, make sure to describe the things that link you and your goals with the program chosen and how it helps fulfil your passion to achieve in life.

Present the required abilities and skills

Try to emphasize your focus on elaborating yourself, of who you are, what makes you special and what abilities you hold that makes you perfect for the role. Mention your notable talents and essential accomplishments. You can also describe your educational goals here, along with the passions and hobbies you share.

Elaborate your conclusion statement

This is the last segment of your personal statement, where you bring a particular emphasis on the conclusion part. Since its the final most section of your paper, be careful while concluding it. You can add your personal accomplishments and educational achievements in this last paragraph.

Edit and proofread

Before submitting your final copy of the personal statement, make sure that you edit and proofread your content well. It is very important for you to remove all those mistakes and errors made in your application because the slightest of error can ruin the purpose of your application. Take enough time on considering your fast-checking skills and marking those grammatical inconsistencies committed in your assignment. If you fail to perform this task, you will eventually create a bad impact on the evaluating panel, which will lessen your admission possibilities.

So these were some of the few essentials and parameters that you need to follow while writing your personal statement for the college application. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your college assignments or projects, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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