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Pandemic And The Online-learning Environment

Pandemic and the Online-learning environment

The year 2020 would be remarked in the books of history as of the conditions brought around the world because of COVID-19. Every sector has witnessed its own pitfalls and consequences, bringing the world to rethink about its development era. Talking about the educational sector, where smartphones and stable internet connection have replaced the traditional-classroom norm.

Living in the time of zoom meetings, and blurring the boundaries of formal education systems, blended mobile learning offers students the great opportunity to learn and flourish at their own pace. Students today, at the comfort of their own home are said to take classes online, and everything around education, whether it’s about submitting assignments or assessing yourself through examination, is done online.

We have come a long way from those traditionally-set classrooms, where teachers used to dictate and write notes on the chalkboards and asked students to be regular with their daily schedules. As of now, we’ve been all living in the age of fast-paced technology offering real-time solutions to our very own restricted problems.

Online learning with the help of mobile phone offers an integrated educational model that goes just beyond the boundaries of traditional education. Here, students are not allowed to follow any strict timetables for learning and attending regular classes. Instead, they can opt for those self-paced courses available online as per their areas of interest. Learning things online offers a blended environment of virtual and in-person session. Students are provided with online handouts through e-learning apps of education to help them grow well with the fast-paced technology. Apart from this, some also go for certain blog accounts, video lessons, and presentations to help enhance students’ learning.

Online-blended learning models for students

Some of the most common models of online-blended learning are as follows-

Online: Students get to be a part of the session through online face to face meetings and video conferences.

Flex Learning: Students gain knowledge through online-learning material or apps. It also includes the formation of small-group meetings for lessons to be learned.

Personalized blend: Offers a learning environment with both physical and virtual classroom spaces.

Self blend: Students take up certain online courses as substitutes to traditional forms of learning.

Face to face learning: This involves the face to face learning feature offered by smart classrooms available online.

Advantages of Online learning

Des-stresses the learner

No matter in what corner of the world you are to get access with online education, you’ll always find the easiest access to your learning material. Even the ones sitting in their bedrooms or the ones boarding their flights can take up lessons from any place. The feature of a flexible learning schedule is a must for students to help manage their learning life with other engagements. It tends to boost students’ efficiency and productivity by degrading the stress factor from their lives. They get to become more fit for their competitive future with the help of skills and knowledge gained online. The sheer availability of learning content helps students channelize their level of creativity and extend their hands towards potential learning opportunities in the best means possible.

Caters to different learning techniques

Distractions are the mere cause of stopping an individual from learning. It has been noted that students who spend more time being socially active on digital platforms are more prone to distractions and less likely to complete their homework and assignments. However, online education tends to take care of this situation, as well. Students can now learn their coursework based on online materials and quizzes as per their difficulty and learning level. A wide variety of features, including games, voice texts, instructional videos, and tutorials, are effective online learning methods.

Improves communication

Students get to collaborate with different team members and classmates under the online learning environment and engage in discussions regarding their coursework. The kinds of learning methods offered by digital platforms allow them to improve their communication level and provide proper feedback on their learning process. This way, they can mark their progress and learn things easily through mobile phones.

Learning is more fun now

Online learning is one such known platform that increases the level of engagement among learners. Students never deviate from their goals in life, thus embarking it as the most insightful education. Online education is a blend of good education and entertainment, altogether forming a new variation of learning for students.

As we move forward towards a more fast-paced world and tech-based society, it is best to adapt ourselves with its growing needs and beneficial features. In case you require any kind of academic help for your online assignments or presentations, feel free to contact our online academic writing services for professional help and guidance.

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