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Some students wonder, is it worth doing a master’s degree after completing your bachelor’s degree? The answer to this question is, YES. Doing a master’s degree will definitely add more value to your career. If you have done engineering and then you want to do a master’s degree like MBA or M. Tech, it will not only add value to your career, it will aid your career for a long period of time.

Often some students get confused that they should do MBA or M. Tech after completing their bachelor’s degree. Let’s discuss it.


The first thing that you need to understand is that there’s no difference between MBA or M. Tech. Both are master’s degree and both add significant value to your career and for a long term. They have a significant value in their respective fields. Whether it is MBA or M. Tech, both add a merit point to the career of an engineer in terms of knowledge, experience, and supremacy.

In every professional sector like IT industry, manufacturing industry or any industry which is a research-based organization, there is an equal scope for MBA and M. Tech. if you have done M. Tech with a particular specialization, it will make you more confident in that field. You will become an important aspect of a company which is having a suitable position for you according to your specialization. On the contrary, MBA will offer you more different business outlook and gives you broader possibilities.

Which course to opt for? – The choice is yours.

If you want to choose from these two courses, then you should know your capabilities, career objectives, and interests. If your interest is in pursuing a technical career then, M. Tech is the perfect option for you. It also opens the door for government jobs. And if you want to switch your career from technical field to teaching or lecturer profession then also M. Tech proves to be of a great help. If your interest is in the industrial management field then, MBA is the perfect option for you to select. MBA will help you upgrade you’re your managerial, communication and presentation skills.

If you have graduated from the university and want to add some educational advantages to your career, then just stop thinking and join MBA or M. Tech. You can opt for whichever course you want to, and of course according to your interests. One added advantage of this course is that you can earn and learn simultaneously. This advantage is really helpful as you can pay your own fees. You need to do research for a genuine and recognized university and join there to add higher qualification in your career. I hope this article has helped you overcome your confusion about what course you should opt for.

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