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What Is A Precis? How It Needs To Be Written?

What is a Precis? How it needs to be written?

As soon as we complete the final year of our school, we dream of getting into a college, which seems a bit fun-loving and vibrant to us. But this false bubble of happiness might burst quite soon when students are loaded with tons of work pressure and assignments. In that case, some are found to be dedicated towards their learning and are keen enough on building a bright career; whereas, others still seek to find a bit of free time for their hobbies and other activities.

Putting all this aside, it is also important for them to write a precis, which is quite a tough task to perform and plays an integral role in academic writing. But not everyone today is aware of the idea of writing a precis and what it actually means in academic terms. If you are one of them, then we are here to help you out with this situation. This blog will surely guide you through its process and definition.

Defining a Precis

Many of you might be confused here since you are not aware of this concept or what it actually means to write one. Well, a precis, when loosely translated, turns out to be a summary. A precis has been derived from a French word meaning ‘precise’ or ‘cut brief.’

When you actually begin writing with your precis, know that it is not something that is related to simple paraphrasing of a text. Rather, it should contain all the components of your article, where the reader is able to understand your content well that is quite simple and concise to read. Always remember to stick with the theme of the article when writing a precis for the same.

How to write a Precis?

For writing a well-structured precis for your article, it is important to follow certain steps that can guide you with the whole process. The first thing that you need to do is scrutinize your source and then take some notes on behalf of it. Do not forget to mention those points that are important to your content. The next step is to carefully outline a structure for your precis that needs to have a crisp beginning and the end. Make sure that you include all the important points within this piece. Further, you need to figure out its appropriate length; neither should it be very long nor short, make it a bit crisp and to the point. Never forget to stick to the theme of the source. Also, do avoid the use of personal opinion here.

Here are some crucial tips for you that can help you compile a perfect precis for your article-

Make sure that you read the source article precisely and then mark the main points for the piece.

Make an effort to understand what the author is trying to say through the text and reflect his/her views in the content.

If the author made use of some evidence in the article, then take a closer look at them.

You need to use your own words and thoughts to restate the thesis and make it a bit short and precise.

You will have to mention each of the sections stated above and write about them in a few words or sentences. There’s no need to exaggerate them in detail; instead, only state the most important ones here.

Re-read the text you just wrote to avoid mistakes in the content. If it doesn’t sound right, then check the contents of the summary again and whether they are in sync with the contents of the article. You need to maintain a proper order for it.

Adopt one such structure for the same that is logical and includes all the main points. Follow up the process in your write-up as well.

While editing and proofreading your content, make sure that the clarity and tone of your content are well-defined. Also, perform a final grammar check to avoid any spelling errors or punctuation mistakes.

So, this was all about the meaning of a precis and how it needs to be written for an academic paper or article. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your college assignments or papers, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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