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How To Write An Argumentative Essay?

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Let’s just suppose that you are given a topic for your essay, where you have to compare two aspects, i.e., A and B. Here, you need to explain why A should be considered best under some circumstances. In that case, what will you do next? Well, you will obviously look into both the aspects from several angles, or you will try to collect some information on the effectiveness of A under a given circumstance and would then place your explanation for the same. These explanations or such kind of essays are termed argumentative essays.

In an argumentative essay, a student’s point of view is tested on a certain matter. In that case, they must be very particular about the interpretations and findings.

Argumentative essays are generally composed of three main parts, which are-

  • Investigation of the topic
  • Gathering, evaluating, and generating evidence
  • Establishing your position with a simple explanation

Important aspects of Argumentative Essays

The essential most component of an argumentative essay is its literature review, which needs to be presented quite elaborately. With the help of a literature review, readers get to understand what kind of research has been performed for the same and where lies the gap. Talking about the gap here, if the gap actually exists in the literature, then you may need to undertake empirical research that can be conducted with a relevant survey to collect primary data and information.

Even if there’s an ample amount of information for the secondary data on the subject, you still need to identify the situation in the current scenario. Apart from surveys, you can also conduct interviews, experiments and observations under controlled settings for collecting relevant information and facts for the content.

If you are assigned a scientific topic, then you might need experiments here. But, in the sociology or management aspect, you need to perform surveys or observations. For management and social science topics, you can also conduct experiments under controlled settings to help find consumer behavior under certain situations or environments.

Thus, we can say that under an argumentative essay, data is collected based on two processes-

  • Empirical studies
  • Literature review

No matter what topic or subject you are given for writing, make sure that you present a clear thesis for your argumentative essay to help establish your point before the readers.

Structure of an Argumentative Essay

For writing an argumentative essay, you must follow the given aspects –

Discussion over the topic

Once you’re assigned the topic of your essay, the next thing that you need to explain its relevance; why it is being discussed here, what are its common issues, how is the world seeing the issues, and why the issues need to be investigated under the proper setting. This is where you begin introducing your essay.

Write your thesis statement

After the general discussion part falls the thesis statement writing, this statement needs to be clear and concise. However, if you present a contradictory or confusing thesis statement before your readers, then you might not be able to attend the crux of your essay.

Research methodology

Under this section, you need to mention the method of your research with proper reasoning. For instance, you might use the literature review aspect here to find the previous research outcomes in a similar situation or context. You might also want to use the empirical study aspect here. Whatever it is, never forget to mention the methodology and why it is important for your research.

Body of the essay

This section is the longest one as it includes several aspects depending upon the subject chosen for writing. In the body of your essay, you mention the literature review part and how you collected information based on primary data. For this, you must also follow the citation part, which needs to be written as per the guidelines.

Providing relevant support or evidence

For presenting an argumentative essay, one must perform in-depth research on the subject. Along with this, you need to analyze the thesis as well with the help of some evidential support. This kind of support could be either analytical, logical, circumstantial, statistical or a combination of two or more of these aspects. In order to be more authentic in terms of your support for the argument, you must also present some views or evidence that are against the motion.

So, this was all about the writing and formation of an argumentative essay that needs to be followed accordingly by students to present a perfect copy of their essay for academics. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic essays or assignments, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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