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Some amazing facts about ‘Friendship’

Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain. It’s not something you learn in school. But if you haven’t learned the meaning of friendship, you really haven’t learned anything.”

― Muhammad Ali

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Friends are an indispensable part of one’s life. During different phases, we meet different people and make friends with them. Some friendships last for a short time, while others may last a lifetime. Nobody has been bestowed with the freedom to choose their family and relatives, but all of us can choose our friends. Good friends take you to the path of success, while a bad friend influences your life in a negative way. Therefore; each individual has to be careful while choosing their friends.

All of us have been created by one supreme power, yet we tend to like some people more than others. There is no harm in picking up a few people with whom you can share your happiness and sorrows. Friends are not necessarily related to us by blood, yet they hold the most important place in our hearts. We make friends with people, with whom we feel comfortable. It is not important that only two like-minded people can be friends, in fact, there are some great friendships that have existed in history, where the friends have nothing in common, yet they shared a great bond with one another. It’s a treat when you find a person with similar tastes and preferences, but it is okay to be friends with people who are opposite of you.

Friendship has to be true to last a lifetime. You may have numerous friends and followers on Facebook and other social networking sites, but are they all your friends? My answer to this question would be ‘No’, and I am sure most of you agree with me on that. You may be connected to some people via social networking sites, but you cannot call any random person at any time to share how you feel. There has to be a connection that helps you open up with people, and this requires a bond to be made between them.

Now, I am going to share some amazing facts about friendship. These facts are based on several studies that have been conducted over time.

  1. Friendship is healthy- Irrespective of your gender, having people whom you call friends is a noble thing. People who have impeccable social network have strong defenses against stress and tension. Friends help you recover a bad experience or illness easily. Having a social support system lessens the risk of death to a great extent.
  1. Women and men can’t be friends- You have heard this phrase many times before, but all the time, you must have wondered, why is it so? The most likely reason for this is that at some point in time, any one of the two feels sexually attracted towards the other. Men are more likely to fall for their female friends as compared to women.
  1. Even animals have friends- If you have a pet, then you can easily relate to this fact. This fact is not true just for pets, but several animals make good friends. Dolphins are a good example. Elephants, baboons, horses, bats, chimpanzees are few animals that can be good friends. You must have seen or heard about wonderful friendships among two different animals that are otherwise considered to be foes.
  1. Friends make us compassionate- Being considerate towards others is an attribute that makes us human. Friends help us to be more considerate towards other people. Humans come together to succeed, and good friends make us emphatic while bad friends have a negative influence on our personality.
  1. Before social media, friends were limited- Social media has given birth to some meaningless friendships. The internet has brought us closer, but most of the people use it as a medium to make new friends there is no harm in meeting new people and making friends, but some studies done in the past, suggest that an individual can successfully maintain up to 150 relationships at a time. But, nowadays, people are making friends with as many people, and between all this, the true essence of friendship is lost.
  1. Colleagues can be friends- A person can make friends with his colleagues, and in fact, these friends might help a person to be more productive and creative. But in most of the cases, it has been found that people can sacrifice their friends for promotion. Work friendships are different from normal friendships, and a person has to be very careful, while choosing their friends at work, as wrong friends can cost them their jobs.

Friends are the treasure of life. Having great friends in life is a true blessing. Appreciate your friends for who they are and make them realize that you value their friendship, to keep them motivated. Life without friends would be dull as they bring positivity and adventure to life and make it worthwhile.

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