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Uses Of Trending Technologies In The Classroom

Uses of trending technologies in the classroom

With the rapid modernization and digitization, schools have also gone a step further and have introduced new and innovative methods of teaching in the classroom. Gone are the days when new topics and concepts were introduced verbally by the teacher, and then students would read about them in the monotonous black and white pages of the textbook. Nowadays, students are made to take part in different activities and are shown interactive videos, so that they can get familiar with new topics in a better way.

Even though this technology is really advantageous for the students; if not taken care of, it can have several negative consequences on the students.

Here are a few technological trends that you should be very careful about in the classroom:

Mobile phones

Mobile phones are really handy when students need a camera for their media projects, or need graphing calculators, or simply need to browse through the internet to search for something. Moreover, with the development in technology, new and new features are being added to mobile phones, are humans are using them as they had never done before.

Nevertheless, there is the fear that mobile phones aid cheating while exams; and students are often caught texting on their mobile phones, and thus not paying attention in the class.

Those in favour of cell phones in the classroom advocate that these problems did exist even before mobile phones did, which is true; but then, mobile phones have further aggravated the problem.

Poll Everywhere is the answer to these troubles. It helps to keep a track of people who are using mobile phones in the class, since it tracks the live viewers who poll via text messages or via the internet. Teachers actively use this software for classroom studies and surveys, and they are quite satisfied with the results.


Micro-blogging sites like Twitter have become extremely common these days. Perhaps, Twitter is the king of all of the micro-blogging sites; wherein people can type 140-character texts, and then send then as ‘tweets’ to their followers and subscribers.

Twitter is a really addictive app, and it is very difficult to avoid using it. Teachers have smarty made use of this addiction, to turn the classroom into a Twitter-sphere. They often use Twitter to remind students about class assignments and tests. For instance, they would send tweets like ‘Literature assignment due Monday’ to the students.

Mouse Mischief

Not every student can afford to get a laptop in the classroom, and this greatly hinders the learning process. Microsoft is very useful in solving this problem. Microsoft’s program Mouse Mischief works quickly with Microsoft Power Point, and allows teachers to incorporate interactive features like multiple choice questions into their presentations. This enables students to use a wireless or wired USB mouse and attempt these MCQs in real time.

Even though the above technologies and the thousands of more that exist out there make learning in the classroom really fun-filled and enjoyable, it should be taken care that they are used properly by the students. Students should never try to surf any unhealthy websites, neither in the classroom, nor outside it; and they should not take advantage of the prevailing use of social media in the class to break the boundary between the teacher and the student. Trending technology makes students smarter and more interested, but it also comes with its own set of negative consequences.


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