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Boost your confidence with these tricks

Have you ever met self-confident people, the life of the room, who embrace changes with open arms, who face challenges head on, who are outgoing and always excited to meet new people, try new things? They’re an enviable species and and we all want to be like them, don’t we?

Boost your confidence with these tricks

Boost your confidence with these tricks

It’s an achievable state of mind, don’t worry. Low confidence is not a part of your nature, it is something that we grow into and with diligence it can be grown out of as well. All you need to do is practice a different approach to life, and here’s how:

Bring on some positivity

It’s time to declutter your life! We all have people in our life who we give the ability to shred our confidence and it’s time to eliminate all that negativity from your life. Try it for some days and you’ll see a significant change in your confidence levels and then perhaps you can make it a permanent situation. It’s not easy but the idea here is to focus on making positive changes in your changes in your life instead of the problems.

Mirror, mirror

How the world sees you depends on how you see yourself, so it’s very important that you embrace yourself and learn to like yourself. Identify the things you like about yourself and then tell yourself them in front of a mirror every day. It can seem awkward the first few times but you’ll get the hang of it. Trust us, no one can encourage you like you.

Fight failure

When you go through a rough patch or a slight failure, this failure starts controlling your mind, drowning you further into negativity and inaction. At such a time you need to fight this feeling of failure and not let it drag you down. Instead start focusing on a way out, on finding a new route or plan of action, in short try to find the solution to this failure. It is your key to gaining back your respect. We get it, failing sucks, but it’s better than to have done nothing at all!

Invest on improving

One sure shot way of improving your confidence is to get better at what you do. So, invest your time and energy into bettering yourself. Always be on the lookout to learn more, know everything about your field and then everything else as well. Your confidence will soar high with knowledge.

Believe in lists

Lists are the perfect solution to everything! Don’t feel too good about yourself today? Make a list of things you like about yourself. Don’t like your job? List out all the positives. Don’t like where your life is going? Make a list of things you’ve accomplished. Post these list on your refrigerator or in front of your bed so that they are right infant of you. They will be a constant reminder of the good things in life and that’s the idea of lists, they force you to focus of the good thing instead of all that’s missing.

Give it time, believe in yourself and keep going as long as there’s scope for improvement.

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