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How Extra-curricular Activities Aid The Holistic Development Of Children?

How extra-curricular activities aid the holistic development of children?

Academics are an integral part of the life of every student, but we must bear in mind that academics are not the only thing that a child needs to grow and develop. It is only when education is mixed with extra-curricular activities that the learning process of a child becomes complete.

Extra-curricular activities aim to bring out the best in every individual. Not every person is good at academics and studies, but a lot of them excel in other fields like theatre, public speaking, dance, sports, etc. When the entire class participates in group extra-curricular activities, every child feels unique in his or her own manner, and it instills confidence in them and boosts their morale. In the past few decades, schools have finally started to realize the importance of including extra-curricular into their curriculum, along with other academic activities like essay and assignment writing.

Unfortunately, parents lay great stress on encouraging their children to study. They feel that these extra activities are a complete waste of time, and parents who are very strict do not even allow their children to play. These kinds of parents believe that if a child focuses completely on studies, and abandons all other extra activities, he or she is sure to secure a good job and settle well later on in life. What parents do not realize is that dance, games, athletics, singing, etc. play an important role in the physical and emotional development of their child. It also teaches them a myriad of other skills that they would require later on in life, such as time management and team skills. Not only this, it teaches them stress management, and reduces the mental burden and pressure of studies.

On the contrary, when children are forced to work and study all the time, it drastically affects their mental status. In many cases, children then retort to negative activities such as smoking and drug abuse to relieve themselves of the mental pressure.

These kinds of activities also have additional benefits for the students. It is well known that today’s generation has no exposure to play grounds and fields. They do not take part in any kind of physical activity, and only stay glued to their television sets and laptops. This low physical activity has caused a number of diseases and health issues, which is a cause of major concern for their parents. When they will be forced to partake in extra-curricular physical activities, the health and overall well being of the children would also greatly improve. Another thing to keep in mind is that schools should not develop one-dimensional and flat students. Students can utilize their skills in activities such as playing, dancing, painting, craft, athletics, etc. alongside their regular studies. This way, they would not only develop their skills, but also develop their personality, reduce their mental stress and anxieties, develop friendly relations with other students and develop leadership skills. Moreover, a lot of students receive scholarships on account of being brilliant in these kinds of activities, since schools want more and more of these kinds of students, who can bring accolades and certificates for the school.

There is also something for the parents to rejoice in, when their children take part in extra-curricular activities. Researchers have found out students involved in such types of activities are also better able to improve their academic grades, and also improve their concentration skills. Not only this, they will be able to drastically enhance their motivation level, self esteem and time management also. Summing it up, extra curricular activities would lead to positive behavior in the students, and make them more organised and disciplined. It would also foster a sense of commitment towards a cause in them, and make them more selfless. This also helps them in the future when employers prefer these students over the others.

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