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Tips For Writing An Outline Of Persuasive Essay

Tips for Writing an Outline of Persuasive Essay

The outline of an essay provides a brief writing plan that helps you organize the main ideas and determine the whole structure and contents of the essay. But when it comes to choosing a format for writing an essay, it generally differs. Are you also confused about how to write a persuasive essay outline? Then this blog is here to help you.

A persuasive essay is quite a popular genre, where writers share their opinions and arguments about a particular essay topic. Their main motive is to make the readers aware of their point of view. Generally speaking, persuading the audience is not a simple task to perform. But in order to convince them in the most effective manner, you must back your arguments with major points and facts.

If you are presenting relevant points and information to the audience, then the chances of the readers believing your points increase. This is the reason why it is often advised that to use supporting statements and information along with facts, data, statistics, and evidence covering the essentials of the essay topic. In comparison to argumentative essays, persuasive essays practice a completely different approach. Under a persuasive essay, you are told to take a clear stance on the topic. Make sure that you follow a unique writing pattern to persuade the readers with your point of view.

The outline for a persuasive essay is a short plan that guides you all throughout the process and helps you organize the main ideas and flow of the content. It mainly acts as a road-map that covers all the key points that are needed for writing an essay. In many schools and universities, preparing an essay outline is not a mandatory task, but when it comes to writing a persuasive essay outline, you get to avail extraordinary benefits. Here are some of the benefits of preparing a persuasive essay outline-

  • It provides a clean and precise structure of the essay.
  • You get to include all the relevant information in your essay.
  • The process of rearranging the information gets easy.
  • The ideas and thoughts are presented coherently, making it easy for the readers to understand.

Writing a persuasive essay outline is not a tough job. Like any other academic essay, you need to follow the standard 5-paragraph structure for writing a persuasive essay. Now let us have a detailed look at the persuasive essay outline structure.


The introduction is the first part of a persuasive essay outline. It should be written in such a manner that it is able to engage and inform the readers. In order to grab the attention of the readers, you need to write engaging content that induces them to read further. Before beginning to write the introduction, make sure that you first understand the topic and your target audience. Once you have gained a clear understanding of what needs to be presented in the introduction part, proceed with the further elements.


Body paragraphs are needed for every essay, where you need to discuss everything about the essay in detail. From supporting statements, facts, arguments, statistics and other essential data, everything that is important for the essay must be included in this section. Each paragraph should only focus on a single idea along with its supporting claims.

Antithesis paragraph

Under this section, you need to discuss the other side of the issue. You need to prove it wrong by using strong evidence and statements. Make sure that you assert your stance on the topic and elaborate everything in detail. By doing this, you persuade your readers and make them understand your point of view.


Once you have completed writing the persuasive body paragraphs and antithesis, focus on the conclusion part. This is where you summarize the important details of your essay, as this is the closing statement. Your main focus should be on the closure of all your arguments. In order to write your conclusion paragraph, begin with a thesis restatement. Always remember that you cannot add any new information in your conclusion. Focus only on the ideas that have already been discussed in the body paragraphs.

Writing a persuasive essay outline will be easy if you follow all the above-mentioned steps properly. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic essays or assignments, feel free to contact our online essay writing services for professional help and guidance.

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