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Technology And Education

Technology and Education

The merge of technology with education is one of the most controversial topics of this generation. Today we have become so dependent on technology that nothing runs without it. The use of technology in the academic sector becomes more apparent when it comes to learning among students. But teachers, on the other hand, have been opposing this idea for long since they believe that it harms the development of kids and their important skills. Listening to their side of the story is important, but what if children learn better when exposed to different kinds of technologies?

The good thing about this controversial topic is that it entails numerous researches. In fact, there are many research studies that prove whether the use of technological devices in education has a positive impact on students or not.

According to some studies, learning with technology is more fun and interesting. Students get to engage better with the process. This also allows them to learn in a way that they are more familiar with. For instance, they can now take notes on their PCs or smartphones, which significantly results in better academic scores. As per research conducted by Hattie and Timperley, students who have used tablets have scored 10% higher than other students in their exams. Whereas the ones who have used iPads depict a 22% hike in their overall scores. The use of PCs and laptops have also contributed to improving the overall development and grades of students.

From the points mentioned above, it is clear that the use of technological devices in the classroom has improved the academic life of students. With the number of students addicted to technology increasing day by day, there should be no reason for us to stop them from giving what they want. Thus we can say that the use of smartphones, tablets, PCs and iPads have definitely improved the learning of students along with the overall enhancement of their attitude towards studying.

Teachers might feel threatened about the mediation of technology with education because this would mean that they will have less control over students and their academic performance. But they need to be informed that technological devices are not here to replace the role of teachers in the classroom. Instead, these gadgets are used as supplements without changing the whole concept of classroom teaching.

Some of the benefits of employing technological devices in the classroom are-

Learning becomes more fun when technology is combined with education. Students will enjoy the whole process because it is completely different from the conventional method of memorizing facts and stats.

The use of educational games in learning will definitely make students more enthusiastic towards studies. Knowing that they’d be introduced to new activities in the classroom will compel them to attend classes regularly.

Presenting smartphones and other gadgets in the classroom at an early stage will help promote technological literacy.

Students get to work more efficiently that too at their own pace. This helps them to focus well on specific topics without feeling overwhelmed. This gives them a chance to understand what they are studying because they get to explore different aspects.

With the help of technological devices, students get to improve their communication skills which will be needed during conversations, discussions, blogging and surveys. Young people are given the opportunity to practice collaborative skills, which plays a crucial role in accomplishing tasks and projects.

Teachers get to easily assess the progress their students have made so far. There are many different apps that can be used to track and monitor the progress of students by teachers.

Students are held accountable for their work because everything they do online is viewed publicly. This also makes them aware of the activity of other people and how they are putting effort into completing them.

Technological devices improve communication between students and their parents, where parents are informed about their child’s progress at school. This also helps them determine whether or not they should spend more time with their children regarding education or not.

Now that you are aware of the benefits of technological devices in the classroom, you can easily use them for learning. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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