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Ethical Dilemma In Business Organizations

Ethical dilemma in Business Organizations

An ethical dilemma or, say ethical paradox is a situation in which an individual faces two conflicting moral choices to choose from. In such a situation, none of the two moral choices override each other. Another common definition is where every available choice is a wrong one, and for that reason, there is no correct course of action. When neither of the available choices is consistent with the accepted ethical guidelines, then we call it an ethical dilemma. The same goes for the human life cycle as well, where individuals have to face ethical dilemmas, and there is no running away from it. These morally difficult situations can occur anytime in an imaginable domain like professional life, personal life, while grooming kids or while interacting with other people.

An absolute right choice is absent in ethical dilemmas, which is why individuals are required to rely on their own values and morals to help tackle such situations. Furthermore, these situations and reasons for ethical dilemmas might vary depending upon their nature. At times, the ethical dilemma might also arise from situations like a conflict of personal interest, where one needs to adopt professionalism.

Types of ethical dilemma

We can further classify ethical dilemmas into two categories, i.e., approximate dilemma and absolute dilemma.

Approximate dilemma: This type of ethical dilemma involves tough situations that require a decision while also requiring a decision between values, morals, and laws. Here you might be asked to distinguish between personal and professional domains of decision making.

Absolute dilemma: When two or more ethical norms apply to a situation, but they are in constant conflict with each other, we call it an absolute dilemma. This involves the most difficult decision-making power. And to overcome this, one must refer to codes of ethical norms. These kinds of situations can become a primary cause of stress and anxiety.

Organizations and ethical dilemma

When it comes to business organizations, the presence of ethical dilemmas is quite common. This can further deteriorate the quality of your decision-making that is crucial for almost every business activity. In the context of business organizations, we can further define this concept as a back-breaking situation at the workplace that employees and managers have to face, further leading to conflict moral values. There is a huge number of people getting involved at work and collaborating for their different needs and interests. These people have different sets of values and morals. And this can give rise to a chance of a conflict of moral learning among different individuals at a workplace. This, in turn, leads to the case of an ethical dilemma, where you need to make tough decisions for your organization.

Factors contributing to ethical dilemma in business organizations

Unethical decision-making by top managers and executives of the business is the first factor that contributes to the situation of an ethical dilemma. This might come in the form of favoring a particular group of employees, performing insider dealing or promoting self-interest.

The next factor is the toxic culture at the workplace. This comes into existence by hiring culturally unfit candidates who perform discriminatory activities and whose behavior is biased with their colleagues. It might also incite the employees of an organization to make unethical decisions.

When the management sets unrealistic and conflicting goals for the organization without considering the needs and interests of employees and other business partners, these situations often contribute to ethical dilemmas as this might prompt the employees to avoid moral standards.

Thus we can say that in the modern world, there are many different factors that contribute to the situations of ethical dilemma and that this concept is not uncommon in our society. This is the reason why ethical standards should be used optimally for avoiding conflicts and stressful situations at the workplace. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your academic papers or assignments, feel free to contact our online assignment writing services for professional help and guidance.

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