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Tips For Writing An Effective News Article

Tips for writing an Effective News Article

Writing a news piece for a newspaper is quite daunting for students pursuing journalism. This is because it requires different techniques for writing an effective academic paper. Here, you must be aware of the difference between writing for a school newspaper and an official newspaper.

A news story involves the most basic level writing, where you need to present the following elements before the reader – who, where, what, when, how and why. Each of these parts varies based on your story-line. You must always remember that the only purpose of writing a news story is to inform the audience. If you are writing about a car accident, you might start with who, when, and where because this is what the readers look for when they read a news story. Further, they move on to the how and why aspect.

Journalism today doesn’t involve writing long news reports to describe a simple event or occurrence. Rather, it is more about tweeting a news event, all thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

News Article Template

Writing a News Article

News articles are generally written to deliver information among the readers while focusing more on the engaging aspect. Writing a news article is different from writing other articles or academic papers that present information in a specific manner and follow defined rules and frameworks. There are various tips and tools that journalists use to write impressive news stories-

Begin with the most important information. The introduction that you write for your news article must immediately capture the reader’s attention. Do not forget to summarize the story in 25-30 words.

The text should be written in a complete and concise manner. The first few sentences must include who, when, where, what, why and how. Readers only read the first few words of your story, so make it more interesting. You must make an effort to provide all the information as soon as possible.

Employ present tense in your story. It tends to be more efficient and requires fewer words.

While people might be interested in hearing about a political event, weather forecast or product retail, putting human emotions to it can build a connection that will attract the readers towards your content and keep them engaged.

Like any other industry, journalism has its own linguistic terms. At the beginning or end of the story, the author’s name should be written in a box called a byline.

Spell out all the acronyms properly.

Do not forget to include quotations in your story. This way, you’ll be able to communicate significant ideas through someone else’s language. When quoting other statements, make sure you get it right.

Be true to yourself. You should never write something that is false. We all make mistakes while writing, but it should not be related to lying.

Edit your content carefully and get your work proofread by someone else because, at times, you cannot identify errors by yourself. Your coworker will double-check your work before publishing it for the final time.

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