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Tips for Students to Save Money

The most important and difficult thing to do for a student is managing finances. Students tend to spend
most of their money on non-essential things and at last, they are left with just a little amount of money
in their hand. So, the best option available for students to overcome this problem is to save money. If a
student follows the mentioned tips, he can enjoy his college life very well.Image result for saving money

Following are the tips:
1. Track your expenses:
Keeping track of your expenses is a very important task, especially for students. A person should know
where he is spending the money and where he can save it. Keeping track of the expenses in easy, here is
a simple way to do it:
a. Create a notepad file on your computer or on mobile phones and save every big or small expense in
b. At the end of the week, analyze your expenses and check which expenses are necessary and which
can be lowered down.
This will help you avoid unnecessary expenses.
2. R/W book reviews:
It’s a very interesting and unique way to make money for students. This is a suitable job for a student
who loves reading books. The student needs to just read a book and write its review. For this task,
students are given a handsome amount of money. The sites which offer this kind of jobs are, and much more.
3. Blogging:
Blogging is another great way to make a good amount of money. Blogging has now become a
profession. There are a lot of professional bloggers who are making handsome money. Blogging is all
about sharing important information on the internet for free. Bloggers now work part time for different
companies which result in making a good amount of money. Blogs can be about anything, it may be
medical information, technical, motivational, traveling and much more. There are many options to start
a blog.
4. Freelancing:

Freelancing means, you are not tied to a single organization, you can work according to the projects
given by other people. You can be a writer or a programmer. There are many websites which provide
freelancing to people. You can choose projects according to your interest and available time and then
work on it. Price can be decided by you, but it has to be a fair price. As a student, the best option in
freelancing is to join as a content writer or a technical writer.
There are many other ways to make and save money, however, if these tips are followed, life will
certainly get easier. Saving money can only be done if a person has some sense of commitment.

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