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Tips for job hunting

Job hunting can be a taxing and frustrating task post college. While it’s quite easy for some people, others have to knock on several doors to find what they like. The internet has made lives easier in this regard. Making distances smaller and people and opportunities reachable. But one has to know how to use this resource of one’s advantage. And for that very reason, Make My Assignment, today has some tips for you to follow, if you want to find your kind of employment:

Tips for job hunting

Tips for job hunting


LinkedIn is the social network for professional people. If you want to find people from your industry then it is the place to be. Create a detailed account with all information about yourself. Include things like personal information, educational qualifications, interests, key skills, other achievements etc.

Potential employers can view your profile and contact you through the application if interested. Just remember to keep the information as real and as interesting as possible.

Job search stations

Finding out what are most popular and effective job portals around you and make an account on each of them. Again you need to add your personal information to the account. You’ll also need to upload your resume on these websites so make sure you have a perfect resume ready, in the required format, before you get started.

Consult an agency

You can also hire a professional consultancy. These are agencies that match the employee with employers based on expectations, achievements of both the parties. Getting your name listed with a company likes this makes the hunting process just a little bit easier, however do make sure you research about the company and know well their terms and conditions.

Attend events and job fairs

Professional events and job fairs are a great platform to meet companies that you admire. You get to meet the people representing the company and get a better idea of what they stand for. Other than being a social platform these events can be an enriching experience in terms of knowledge as well.

University Alumni

In times of need, it is best to pull out every contact that you can use. Using alumni network you can get in touch with important people and might even find your way in a company. Keep close tabs on your college website and stay in touch with the people who run the alumni association at your college.

Don’t underestimate the influence of an alumni network, so don’t shy from making contacts and finding people who can help you.

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