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How are internships important for a college student?

If you don’t know what to do with your mid semester breaks, we’d recommend getting an internship to get some real experience in your field of choice. Internships are a gateway to acquiring some extra set of skills and give you an edge over your peers. Not only do they look great on your resume, research had proven that students with one or more internship experience are more likely to land a job on finishing college.

How are internships important for college students?

How are internships important for college students?

Here are more reasons to convince you to add at least one internship, preferably more to your academic year:


Internship are a great opportunity to gain some experience in your field. One, this experience makes you m ore confident and makes you feel more prepared to tackle problems in a professional way. Two, they give you a clearer picture of what you are getting into. For example if you dream of being an editor, only a short term experience can show you what its like to be one. You find out what the job entails, how’s the worker dynamic and most importantly if you actually like doing it as much as you thought you would.

It might just turn permanent

Corporates are big on ‘Hiring from the Interns’. Since during the internship, interns get used to industry practices and get used to environment, industries find it easy to employee these very interns permanently instead of looking for new people and training them from square one. So, chances are your internship might turn into a permanent position.

Network Building

Internships also helps you build contacts with people in various levels of power. This can come in use when you do start looking for job. Also, keeping in touch with professionals can mean you can seek advice from them in times of need. Make sure you put in a little extra effort in making contacts and then maintaining them.

Theory vs Practical

Internships are a good way to implement all that you’ve been learning in the classroom. This makes your subjects relatable and your understanding of them deeper. Internship in the time you learn to put academic knowledge into industry use.

Career path

Just like you need experience to fully understand theoretical knowledge, you need real experience to understand your career goal and then find the path to that goal. Internship can be your ticket to achieve that mission. As I said before, you don’t know you love doing something unless you are doing it, neither do you know how to do it. So internships are you road to taking planned, mature decision towards a future.


Of course, internships look great on your resume. You can add references of your former colleagues or employees to your resume and this just makes it more effective. Employers tend to take you more seriously for your experience and this just makes it easier for you to land a job.

Also you get paid!

And that did not harm anyone. Your internship gets to be your first paycheck, so you get to ‘Earn while you learn’.

So, in conclusion let’s just say internships do make you r prospects of future more colorful. It would be best then to complete at least one if not more internships during college.

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