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Essays Deconstructed: What Different Types Of Essays Mean And How To Write Them

Essays deconstructed: what different types of essays mean and how to write them

Essay is a common word that is often heard across schools, colleges and universities. Such a writing practice is not restricted to a particular field of students, but students of arts, commerce and science all have to write essays during their education. Essay writing is thus a very common practice at all levels, and in all fields of education. This is perhaps why great emphasis is laid on developing essay writing skills right from childhood, when young children are asked to write paragraphs on simple topics.

The word essay universally applies to all short descriptions about a subject. In fact, essays are also referred to as short stories about a particular subject. Nonetheless, there is not only one kind of essay that exists for all topics. Even essays have their further subcategories, which include the following:

Narrative essays

As the name suggests, these kinds of essays narrate a story, and thus they have often much to do with real life experiences. It is fairly easy to write a narrative essay, since one essentially needs to write about his or her own real life experiences or the experiences of a third party that the writer intricately knows about.

The key to writing a successful narrative essay is creativity. One must know how to work around with the plot of the essay and to arrange different episodes artfully in order to impress the reader.

Persuasive essays

A persuasive essay aims to convince the reader with facts, logic, opinions and examples. Research work and analysis are the pre-requisites to a good persuasive essay, since doing so would ensure that the reader agrees with the writer after the former has gone through the entire text.

Thus, if you are handed the task of writing a good persuasive essay, make sure that you do your groundwork correctly, and then arrange the gathered facts and your opinions in a logical manner.

Expository essays

Expository essays can further be divided into two categories: those that speak in favour of the topic, and those that are against the topic. Also known as a five paragraph essay, an expository essay typically comprises of the introduction, body and conclusion. All that the writer has to do is prove that his or her stand is right, and this is done by stating proofs, examples, statistics and facts.

The ideal way to write an expository essay is to keep in mind that you should not leave any scope for even an iota of doubt in the mind of the reader. Another excellent tip to keep in mind is to summarize the entire essay in the conclusion, without feeding new information or proofs in the conclusion paragraph.

Descriptive essays

Descriptive essays simply demand an explanation of the topic, and are the easiest to write since they offer great flexibility to the writer. There is no prescribed structure or format which is to be followed while writing descriptive essays. Just bear in mind that you stay focused on describing the topic, and don’t start to beat about the bush.

The purpose of writing a descriptive essay is to build a picture in the mind of the reader, but this may get monotonous at times. It is a good practice to try and include emotions in your essay so as to ensure that the reader does not get bored or skip parts of the essay.

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