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Four Effective Methods To Improve Your Memory

Four effective methods to improve your memory

Most of the people have occasional lapses in memory, such as forgetting new names or misplacing the car keys. This might also indicate the signs of being too busy or preoccupied. On the other hand, having a consistently poor memory is problematic for people.

Many factors play a major role in memory loss, including age, genetics, and medical conditions that affect the brain. There are some manageable risk factors for memory loss, such as your lifestyle and diet.

Generally, there’s no such thing regarded as bad memory, and anyone of you can improve your memory. So, if you want to improve your memory, there are a number of things that can eventually help you do so. In this article, you’ll learn about four methods that will help you improve your memory.

Method 1: Make use of Mnemonic devices

To memorize effectively, it is important for an individual to maintain an association with different things. They can draft a picture related to some word or image in their mind, and remember it later.

To learn or memorize large things, people can categorize them in different groups or pieces as grouping ensures better understanding. There are some random things that are difficult to remember, so in order to make things quite easier, you must try to categorize things in individual slots.

To recall some basic or regular information, you can try creating different and silly rhymes for things. It comes out to be of great help if you want to understand things easily.

Putting acronyms to use is considered to be one of the most wonderful tools to remember things. Without any kind of trouble, you can remember a lot of things together.

One of the ancient methods of Greece, often called Loci, is employed by people to remember things and improve their memory. It is basically associated with things in terms of its location or place and further helps you to remember things in full detail. To employ this method in reality, you can eventually try placing each and every item you want to learn with some route that is familiar to your memory.

Method 2: Make use of attentive approaches

There are people out there who are stuck with some bad memory. So, there’s a need for them to erase all of these things and thoughts from their minds for a better living. These people need to make sure that they celebrate their achievements and keep good things in their memory.

In order to learn new things and improve your memory, you need to make sure that your mind keeps growing with effective exercise. This can help you to learn new concepts, including learning a new language or playing guitar.

It is important for you to give yourself some ‘me’ time in order to form a memory out of it. Memories are quite fragile in nature, and there a number of distractions that can make you forget things. So, it becomes essential for you to spend some time alone, remembering things that were good to you in a quite-peaceful place.

You can encourage yourself to add more parts of your mind to remember things by initially using senses. It is marked to be a quite active performer and eventually triggers your ability to memorize things.

You can make use of flashcards that are considered to be quite useful for study purposes. In order to learn a new topic, you can create a set of different cards for it and learn things in a better way.

Method 3: Demanding memory tips

If you want to remember certain things, take for an example your medication, you can say it out loud each morning to remember taking medication without any delay.

In order to remember a person’s name, you can make use of a well-known trick called FDR’s playbook. When people introduce themselves, you need to picture them with some specific names in your head, and this might help you to picture the main person in front of you.

There are some studies that predict holding a stress ball might help to memorize information easily. You just need to grasp the stress ball and memorize details about a thing.

According to some studies, it is suggested that a person should rotate his eyes from side to side for at least 20-30 seconds in order to make his memory work quite smooth.

Method 4: Recuperating one’s lifestyle

You can make use of any electronic organizer or daily planner to keep a track of all due dates and appointments. The phone numbers and address details need to be kept accordingly in a diary. Keep the things of frequent use in the correct place or the one most familiar one.

Multitasking is considered essential for a person because it helps you to increase your work and improve your memory. It simply helps to remember a specific piece of information and allows you to spend more time focusing on its details.

Exercising daily will help improve your blood circulation and would further ward off the memory loss that usually comes with aging. Practicing things will help you with your tasks being more specific and alert towards concentration, and will thus lead to an improvisation of your memory.

Chronic stress simply damages your mind and makes it hard for a person to memorize things. Stress often complicates the situation and makes it difficult for you to focus on certain aspects. All you need to do is to sit and relax in a corner while practicing on things that yield a good memory for you.

You might have seen a lot of herbal supplements in the market that helps you to improve your memory. But, usually a healthy and proper diet contributes towards a healthy brain, thus increasing your power to memorize things.

Sleep properly as this will help improve the neuron-plasticity in your body, which will further help grow your mind better. This also enhances your mental ability to control your behavior and memory. Experts often say that the amount of sleep a person gets further determines the recalling ability of all the details.


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