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One To One Versus Online Education Training

One to one versus Online Education training

Given the opportunity, which one would you go for, sitting in front of the screen at your own comfort or attending classes formally with your mates to listen to those precious lectures? Well, the debate on this topic is just everywhere, whether traditional learning methods are better or online training ones. Each one of them has its own benefits, philosophy, and demerits to count.

You would have witnessed various forms of online learning methods that include assignment help websites, online teaching sessions, and online doubt clearing classes. These kinds of programs and videos comprise the same information as dispersed in the classrooms or regular lectures; the difference merely lies in the medium of interaction.

With the help of internet, we’re just a few clicks away from the things we want, and this even includes education! You would have seen your peers studying from different online videos, chats, and group discussions, proving that technology today is on the rise in almost every field. On the other hand, there are still some schools left that follow the traditional teaching methods, wherein students sit together in the classroom to learn from their teachers. They prefer that traditional learning methods were and are still the best for students to learn in the classroom. The concepts are taught in the classroom face to face, and doubts get cleared away in the same manner.

To understand these two methods more deeply, let us go through some major aspects of it-

Social Relations

  • Traditional education

When you sit in a class full of people, you tend to learn various attributes of social behavior other than just the lessons taught to you. School is considered to be as the very first society where a child goes to. Communication, cooperation, teamwork, leadership, and coordination are some of the key skills and qualities that develop well with the traditional learning methods, as students spend most of their time at school.

  • Online education

Students tend to interact with their peers and instructors in online discussion groups and text conversations. This comes out to be an efficient way of communicating with people around you, whether or not being present at the situation physically. But to develop and learn social relations in society, online training methods have not been found much useful for students in this field.


  • Traditional education

Whether you like or not, the traditional learning method makes you follow a strict time pattern of learning continuously for long hours. It comes out to be a tough job for you if you work along with your studies.

  • Online education

With the help of online learning methods, you do not need to force yourself to study into a rigid time schedule to understand lectures. You can easily access it all from your own comfort zone and the time that suits you well. Flexibility has become a major reason as to why most of the students prefer online learning methods. Online learning gives you a lot of time to complete your other tasks as well, without causing any trouble to your studies.


  • Traditional education

The challenge of self-motivation is often won by students when they regularly interact with their peers and teachers at school. This aid is only provided under the traditional education system. Being on campus makes the conversation better, as students often discuss about their exams and assignments from different people.

  • Online education

Students need to be highly motivated to enroll in an online learning program. There would not be any school bells ringing at their heads or teachers pushing them to study. If you are to get an education online, then you are the only one who can motivate you. To maintain motivation, all you need to do is to keep yourself away from distractions and develop a keen interest in the course you’re studying.

Pros and Cons for Traditional Education system


Your teachers are always available around you to help and clear doubts.

Students receive face to face instruction, which comes out to the best way for quick learning and understanding.

Another most important feature of traditional learning is socializing and learning social behavior.


When you get sick or get stuck with some injury, there is no other way but to take a leave from school. This gradually slows down your academic schedule, and students often lag behind the pending work and homework.

There is a strict time schedule for students that need to be followed under the traditional learning method. This comes out to be the barrier for those students who prefer to work along with their studies.

Pros and Cons for Online Education system


It encourages students to develop a sense of responsibility for learning.

Students become skilled enough to handle online software.

Teaches them to work within the given deadlines, as students are often told to complete their tasks in a limited period of time.

Online group discussions carried out through emails and chat rooms, gives the opportunity for students to interact with their teachers and peers.

One of the most beneficial advantages of online learning method is that it offers flexibility in the time schedule. You can easily study as per your own set time schedules.


Those with low self-motivation will find difficulty with online learning methods.

Sometimes, students find themselves to be isolated from other mates and friends.

Internet problems create a huge hindrance while you work or study online. A good internet connection and speed is a must for effective online learning.

It comes out to be a tough time for students when they’re not able to clear doubts through online medium.





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