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Reasons to travel in college

Your college years are the best time to travel! Even if you think it’s going to leave a big hole in your pocket when you’re trying desperately to make ends meet, you will remember your nomadic adventures for a long, long time. Also, it is the time when you have relatively less responsibilities and more time, things that are difficult to find as you get older in life with job, relationships taking priority. So even though it’s going to take some effort to save the money and plan on a budget, these are things that you”ll be immensely thankful for later. If you need more convincing, we have some more reasons for you to travel in college:

Reasons to travel in college

Reasons to travel in college

The memories that you’ll collect

Travel memories are the most precious treasure. Trust me one day when you get older and you’re crossing the road outside office, not thinking about anything in particular, and you’ll suddenly be hit by a memory of the time you spent with your friends in a far away place, it’s going to give you reason to be happy. Plus travel stories are so great to pass on to your children (of course you end up hiding most.)

To change your perspective of life

Traveling can be the most awakening break anyone can have. you get to leave your problems behind, or at least put them on a hold, and you get to be a new person for a few days, anyone you want to be, you get a chance to rediscover your self and life!

Meet new people

Since you’re not filing any labels when you’re traveling, it’s a fresh start, a time when you welcome new people in your life and maybe they end up becoming a significant part of your adventure, you might meet your future best friend while traveling.

Experience a culture

Each city, like people, has it’s own personality and this is what you get to experience when traveling. You get to experience a language, traditions, a different way of life, really, and you become a part of it all.

To challenge yourself

An adventure is a great way to get out of your comfort zone and experiment a little, you try things you are not comfortable with or things that scared you, you end up expanding your horizon and overcoming inhibitions.

Because life it too short

One reason you should not put off traveling for the future when you get richer is because no one has seen the future. Don’t make compromises in the present for a better future, because as I said before more likely than not future you will have to worry about your job commitments and your child’s school commitment. So travel on a low budget now, you don’t want to look back and wonder, what it?

To feel alive

Traveling has the power to make you feel every moment that you are experiencing, to make you feel connected with your surroundings in a way you don’t feel when you’re running from one routine task to another. In that sense, it literally brings you alive and inspires you.

So, what are you waiting for? Get planning so you can start packing! Happy travels, you all!

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