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How to self discipline your way to success?

You’ve probably heard the word enough to think is profoundly over rated but discipline is a way of life. A way that has been often described as the key to success.

A disciplined life makes it easier for you to focus your time and energy on the things that are important to you. It happens to all of us, we start every year with plans, things we’d like to accomplish, but the days pass by and soon the year is over and you don’t know where it went. This is because of the lack of discipline in our lives. Yes, routine can be tiresome after a while but in the long run a productive routine is the best way to channel your thoughts and actions towards a goal.

How to self-discipline your way to success

How to self-discipline your way to success

Here are some tips for you to implement a little discipline in life:

Commit to it

As I said the way to reach your goals is to discipline your life. This means you discipline every habit, you eat healthy, work hard and regularly, you even discipline your thoughts towards success, that means eliminate negative thoughts and adopt a positive mindset.

Stay focussed

It is important that you set targets for yourself, both long term and short term.Every morning, you review these targets and then set your to-dos for the day. This way you start your day in a positive way and ensure that you have a productive one.

Prioritize tasks

Once you’ve planned your tasks for the day, prioritize them on the basis of what needs most effort. Accomplish the more stressful tasks first and then move on to the easier ones. This ensures that you don’t put off the difficult tasks (as is human nature) and that you are less stressed through the day.

Take breaks

Always remember that rest is as important as work. Without proper rest, you don’t reach your full potential, not to mention the feeling of ineffectiveness and exasperation that you’ll have to deal with. So, make sure you have a bed time routine, let your mind at ease and try to keep stressful thoughts at bay.

Eat for energy

Eat healthy to not just stay healthy but also to keep your mind healthy. Try not to skip meals and limit the things they say are bad for health.

The little things are important

Little things such as making your bed in the morning, keeping your surroundings clean etc are a great way to add more discipline to your life. So start with the little things and the bigger ones will fall into place eventually (with a little effort from you, of course.)

Follow through

You’ve prioritized your tasks and set a to do list, make sure now to follow through. Be it the small things like hitting the Gym or the bigger things like writing five hundred words every day, make sure you do it. Don’t let laziness or procrastination get the better of you.

Reward yourself

Don’t wait for anyone else to do this for you! When you’ve accomplished a goal because you worked hard for it, you owe it to yourself that you reward yourself for it. Share your achievements with loved ones and just do something to make yourself happy. This can act as a motivator for achieving more goals.

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