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Qualities To Look Out For In Your Role Model

Qualities to look out for in your role model

A role model is someone who inspires and motivates you, and someone you want to be like. A role model can be a social activist, a sportsperson, a politician or a film actor. It could even be your parents or teachers. All of us have different role models, and it is perhaps our ultimate goal to be as good as them. This is why we look up to them, and try to imitate them.

However, having a role model does not mean that a person should also start to look for the fame that the role model has. Instead, one should give due importance to developing the characteristic traits and qualities that the role model possesses.

Your role model should be passionate

Your role model should be very passionate about what he/she does, and should do it with perfection each time. Your role model should be someone who puts in all efforts to achieve something, and should feel elated when that task has been accomplished. Everyone has faced some hardships in life which further strengthen them, and it is these inspiring stories of your role models that you should look forward to hearing.

Your role model should lead a disciplined life

Only a person who is disciplined and is focused can achieve his or her goals. And it the universal trait of every successful individual out there to follow a proper time table. Make sure that your role model does the same.

A never-say-die attitude is a must

When someone starts to do something good or achieves success, people often start to go against that person. Governments try to put obstacles in the way if it is a political scenario; else opponents and competitors start planning and plotting. In such a situation, it is natural for the person to feel de-motivated and demoralized when he or she finds himself alone on the path to success. A successful and brave person is the one who does not give up even in this situation, and continues to strive undeterred.

Your role model should work for the betterment of the society

A role model should be someone who gives due importance to social service as well. You should evaluate whether your role model cares about his or her family members, followers and fans. Great people are the ones who are not only rich and successful; but those who are also kind and benevolent, and contribute whole-heartedly for the betterment of the society.


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