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Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Teaching As A Profession

Things to keep in mind before choosing teaching as a profession

Teaching as a profession largely appeals masses all around the world. It grabs the attention of youngsters, and generates their curiosity in this line of profession. Agreed that a lot of young people aspire to be teachers because they are inspired by their teachers-cum-role models, and they also wish to grow up and serve the society; a large part of these aspiring teacher candidates are motivated by other incentives altogether.

This lot of people believes that teachers lead a relatively carefree life, they don’t have to spend long hours in the school, and that they don’t have to be glued to a chair all the time. Besides, teachers get many holidays, and they also have the opportunity to have fun.

Chances are high that you also might have similar opinions about teaching. And that is why we are here to clear your misconceptions.

Every coin has two sides, and so does this profession. This noble profession is not free from hardships, and it demands a lot of dedication and hard work.

We asked a few questions from teachers, and compiled their real answers for you to read. This will give you an honest and genuine view of this profession, so that you can decide for yourself if it suits you or not.

Question: Do children make you smile?

Answer: It is obvious that a teacher has to meet and teach a variety of children. Not all children are the same. They all come from different backgrounds and cultures, have different upbringings, and have different ways of living. One day, a student makes you very proud of him/her, and you feel a sense of accomplishment since it was you who had taught the student. On other days, students do all kinds of reckless activities and misbehave in class, making you feel annoyed. This is not, and will never be a smooth journey. Before you actually decide to become a teacher, you have to stop and think about whether you actually like kids or not.

Question: Are you passionate about your job even after all this years, or now has it become monotonous?

Answer: Parents and teachers always say that knowledge increases when you share it with others, and this is the guiding mantra for us teachers. We meet such diverse and new people throughout our career that the job never feels monotonous or repetitive. Each batch is so different from the others, and it is a really enjoyable process to teach all of them. Moreover, as teachers, we keep modifying lessons to suit the contemporary situations, and thus the job never becomes boring.

Question: What are the skills that a teacher cannot survive with?

Answer: Patience, patience and patience! If you do not have the patience to deal with kids, you cannot survive in this field for even a day. Students test your patience in all ways, by not listening to you, by asking the same thing ten times and by still doing things incorrectly! Make sure that you are ready to face all this before you sign up for the job. Other than that, you also need to possess team skills, leadership qualities and time management to be a successful teacher.

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