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Pros and cons of living in a Hostel

Hostel is a place of combined lodging for people. During school time, some of you have been to hostel. As kids, the idea of staying away from family scares us and we resist going to hostels.  Several times parents threaten their kids that  if do not behave in a certain manner, they would be sent to hostel. This whole idea of staying in a hostel scare kids, but as we grow up we realize that hostel is not just a place of detention, but it is the path to self-dependence  and freedom. School kids hate shifting to hostels, while teenagers feel thrilled to go to a hostel. With age, the concept behind staying in a hostel changes, but the fact is staying in a hostel make kids independent and self-sufficient.

Hostel has a warden, who keeps a check on the activities of the kids living in a hostel. A warden is usually  seen as a strict disciplinarian, but the role of a warden is that of a guardian, who has been trusted with the security of the kids, and therefore, a warden has to follow the laid down rules and regulations.

You can meet and be friends with different students, some are studious while others can be mischievous, therefore , while choosing your friends, one has to pay extra attention as the company we live in has a deep impact on our personality. At home, everybody has their separate room, but hostels doesn’t provide separate rooms to each student, rather a common room is provided to students, where they need the art of sharing and adjustment.

The dining area in a hostel is also common, and the meals are prepared in the mess, the menu is decided and the students have to eat whatever is cooked in the mess.  No junk food is allowed or cooked in the mess and a balanced diet is prepared for the students for their healthy mental and physical development.

Hostel teaches students to be tolerant and patient. Students learn the art of sharing and become compassionate while living in the hostel as the family members are away. Every family has certain rules and regulations, but when the kids break rules, they may not be punished, but in a hostel everybody has to follow the rules and when student break the rules, they get punished for it. This makes the students disciplined and time efficient as there is a set time for each task in a hostel.

There are no maids available in hostels, and students have to do their work by themselves, which teaches them to be self-reliant. In hostels, one or two wardens are there to keep a check on the kids, unlike homes where every kid has its parents. The unavailability of focused attention helps kids to experience things themselves and learn what is right and what is wrong for them. Parents always try to keep their children away from danger, and when they become adults, sometimes they find it difficult to come out of a tricky situation. But in hostels students are exposed to risks at a young age and therefore, they become more responsible and rational thinkers at a very young age. Hostel life condition the students to be more systematic and ordered.

Hostel definitely makes a child a better person, but the problems a child ma face in the initial stage cannot be ignored. Usually, children face ragging when they go to a hostel where the senior students play pranks on the juniors. Cracking jokes is fine, but sometimes ragging takes a nasty turn and the students who fall prey to ragging have to face ordeal. Therefore, the hostel authorities should take strict steps to prohibit ragging and  punish those who found guilty.

The students who have been sent to feel unworthy and miss the love and affection of their parents. They develop a feeling that their parents don’t love them and that is why they have sent them to hostel. This conditioning of mind is very dangerous and over a period of time, such kids develop a feeling of hatred and disgust and  do not want to meet their parents, once they leave hostel. Therefore counselors should be appointed and if any such condition is found in a child, proper counseling should be done to avoid any  further problem. The counselors should provide emotional support to such children and tell them that hostel is not a detention area, but it helps a kid become a better individual.

Initially, the life in a hostel seem difficult and full of hardships, but the reality is different. Hostel teaches kids to become self-reliant, which will help them becoming successful in the future. All successful people have credited their success to their ability of  doing their work themselves. When you know how to take care of yourself without depending upon others, you can conquer the world sooner as you do not have to depend on others to  help you.

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