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Project Management Tools For Students

Project Management tools for Students

Project management tools or software help project managers and their teams to fulfil the needs of their clients and manage budget and time constraints. Though there are numerous options available in the market for use, but selecting the most appropriate and right ones for the project is quite confusing. Both small-sized and large-scale companies are now utilizing online project management tools for their business and its advancement.

With the growing trends and evolution in the technological sector, the project management tools are also expanding their functions and features, by introducing special coordinating aspects for their users. Are you also looking for some kind of project management tool to work for your business? Well, to unfasten all your worries and confusions regarding the selection of the best project management tool for your business, here we have provided a few efficient and most excellent ones in the market. Read the blog further to know more about them-


It is an award-winning web-based application mostly used by the business for their project management tools. One of the best features of this application is its power to provide an intuitive three-pane interface which is specifically geared towards its productivity and accessibility. With the help of this interface, users can easily manage almost everything from one workspace to monitoring dependencies of the task and other related project reports for the business. It has a powerful hold over analytics that provides detailed insights to its project managers about their team and also the project. It tends to eradicate the requirement of countless email threads and text notifications for users.


This application keeps track of everything related to your work and other necessary details. With its ability to form the required list for tasks, you can easily move that list from one place to another whenever needed. Along with that, you can also give a visual project timeline which can be utilized well to see everything that needs to be done. You can easily mark your progress with the help of this tool, where you can schedule and reschedule dates as per your project. It becomes easier for the users to access this application as it can be easily worked with several other applications as well; including Google Calendar, Dropbox and Slack.


The Zoho project tends to indicate a solid mix of all sorts of things in the discussed list. This can include the timesheets, forums, Gantt charts, milestones, finance, document management, bug tracking and many more. The base plan provided by this application is normally free for around ten users, and later it provides a fixed cost for its further use.


It is called as a simple Kanban project management tool, which offers a ‘board’ to be accessed in the form of a dashboard by project managers, who can make changes as per their requirement. You can easily edit and reschedule your dates for tasks easily. Apart from this, it contains features like calendar views, Google Drive integrations and file sharing. It offers a user-friendly interface with useful power-ups for supplementary functionality.


It has been in the market since 2000 and is still a popular choice among users for its special yet unique features. When it comes to managing the project for a business, it has a very direct approach. You can easily manage your projects with the help of the dashboard. It also allows the team members to collaborate and organize their conversations as per their needs and requirements. This tool tends to provide a detailed report on various topics as per the needs of the project.

Click up

When it comes to managing tasks effectively, whether it is a small one or full-fledged project, Click up is the best tool for management. It is specifically designed to allow customization in almost everything so that the system works best for you. It also helps enable automatic scheduling with estimated times, so that one can easily customize the aspects and what can be visible on the other system. The system comes with a paid feature.

So, these were some of the best and efficient project management tools available online for the project managers seeking the best in market. Apart from this, if you ever feel the need to acquire assistance from experts regarding your projects, contact our online professional writing services for expert help and professional services.

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