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A Step-by-step Guide For Writing Dissertation Proposal

A step-by-step Guide for writing Dissertation Proposal

Excellent dissertation proposals tend to deliver all the necessary details and information about the research question, research methodology and general scope of the study. The main purpose of a dissertation proposal is to provide an overview of the intended work plan and its structure that convinces the evaluators about the researcher’s abilities.

The proposal writing follows a unique writing tone and style that is formal in nature, similar to the features of the dissertation. The form and content of such proposals might differ depending upon the university guidelines and its rulebook, but the general dissertation proposal outline constitutes the following segments-

  • Title
  • Research question statement
  • History of research and its similar background
  • of the current research work and its study
  • Literature reviews
  • Research methodology(s)
  • Research implications
  • Scheduled plan of work
  • Bibliography

In order to write a perfect dissertation proposal, you need to structure the format with the above-mentioned steps of writing. You are also required to perform extensive research on the topic that gives you a clear notion about how to develop each section with meticulous detail and formatting.

Follow these steps to write a perfect dissertation proposal-


The first thing that you need to do is provide a tentative title for your proposal. The title must convey the meaning of the research question and the purposeful idea of investigation.

Statement of the problem

In this section, you are told to identify the problem that will further be addressed in the research process. All you need to do is begin with your problem statement in the form of a paragraph. The starting line goes for the problem statement, and the rest of them should explain the background details related to the problem.

Purpose of research

Under this section, you need to justify the purpose of your research work. Explain the need and objectives of the proposed research work in a precise manner.

After explaining the objectives of your research work concisely, go for the hypothesis section; where you are told to represent the present relationships among research variables with the prediction of possible outcomes.

Literature review

This is the most important section of any dissertation, where you need to showcase all the relevant pieces of literature from the past that play an essential role in your research work. Make sure that these pieces of texts are identified carefully in your work. Literature review gives a basic representation of the work from past and the studies conducted in the similar work field.

Research methodology

This section explains the methodological approaches that are considered useful for your study. You must explain these research methodologies in detail and how they will help in addressing your research problem with relevant solutions.

Research implications

This section sums up the significance of the overall research work in a short summary. And for doing that your statements need to be quite clear and convincing. Following that, also do elaborate on how your research work contributes to the field of study and how it can help broaden up the knowledge related to certain subjects.

Plan of work

Scheduling your work or making a considerable timeline for it helps evaluate the feasibility of the project. So you need to plan all of your work accordingly as per the submission deadline assigned by the teacher.


Your proposal must include a reference list that contributes well to the body of your work. This section must be done with careful precision, where all the sources need to be mentioned in the literature review section of your proposal. You must follow a specified format and other referencing instructions that are needed for writing a bibliography.

This brings us to the end of this little guide of explaining the steps of dissertation proposal. If you follow these steps while writing, then no one can stop you from drafting a flawless dissertation proposal for your academics. However, if there’s still some issues that obstruct your planning and work structure, then rest your work into the hands of professional experts that deliver high-quality assignments with great precision and authenticity.

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