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Obstacles in Writing Assignments

Writing assignments are the big task in every student’s life. Preparing an assignment, submitting it and then waiting for the grades is a highly stressful period for the students. For getting good marks, writing a proper assignment is required. The assignments are given to the students to judge the level of knowledge they earned in the class by the teachers. It is not just worrying for the freshmen, but equally stressful for the sophomore and senior. Good assignment writing requires skills, knowledge, and dedication. There are lots of pressures in the student’s life, which affects them in making assignments. In this article we will discuss few problems, students face in making their assignments and how they can overcome them.


Doubting on your skills can be the worst thing while writing an assignment. Right after completing one task, sometimes students are asked to write another assignment. This may lead them to doubt their skills for writing.


Start reading the study material and lecture notes whenever you get time instead of opening them only at the date of writing your assignment. Make sure you are well prepared for the chapters you are going to learn in this semester. If you do this on a regular basis, it will improve your confidence and your assignment writing skills.



Reading books can help you expand your area of knowledge.  But, some students believe that reading more books as early is beneficial for finishing the assignment on time. By the time they start writing an assignment, they simply forget what they have learned. At the same time, if they start reading later, they have to rush through the data without understanding it.


Read the notes that you have prepared in the class. There are few notes-making methods you can use for later use: outline method, mind mapping method, and answer question method. Make notes of the core idea from the different books and instead of copying them, write them in your language, this will also improve your writing skills.



Students take several notes early in the excitement, for the later use at the time of writing assignments. They forget to go through the list on a weekly basis and read them when they are at the peak of making assignments only. This pile-up everything and put students in a lot of stress. Students feel overwhelmed and get panic since they have lots to do at the last minute.


Maintain a timetable and put on the wall of your study.  Read the notes you have made in the lecture, at least on the alternative days.  Make a daily to-do list, write down your daily task to be done on it and tick off what you have completed at the end of the day. Through this, you will be ready at the time of assignment and write them with understanding instead of rushing for notes from the books.



There are enough people around you to judge your work; you don’t want another one. But, sometimes students feel helpless, and they start questioning their writing. They feel they are not prepared to write an assignment and think that their writing skill is not up to the mark. In the initial stage, they start getting confused and think how and what to write. They re-write the sentences again and again, and after finishing it, they question their entire work.



Instead of judging your work, try to analyze your past work and motivate yourself to learn and improve from the mistake that you were warned about. Take breaks like going for a walk, talking to someone about a different topic. Organize your desk, go through your notes, take the other’s point of views for your betterment and write for yourself.



Being competitive gives you power and brings the best to you to succeed.  But, the overdose of anything can lead you into trouble. Stop now, if you are competitively freak, and you have to win at everything you do. Comparing your work to the others can sometimes motivate you to do better, but always doing it can give you unwanted stress. You might start doubting your work and think that others are doing great work. In this process, you will start feeling unsatisfied with yourself instead of competing with others.


Instead of comparing yourself with others, discover your inner strength and balance your goals for winning.  As the individual, you will make an impression on others through your actions only.  Real competition is all about doing your personal best.


There are many reasons to be added to this list, but these are few notable ones that bother students the most and stop them from performing well in their studies. Acknowledge your weakness from these points and put your best foot forward to improve them your academic life. See your problems, as a source of learning something new in your life.

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