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Mastering the art of body language

Body language is as important and effective a means of communication as the verbal means and a lot more difficult to control because for the most part we ourself remain unconscious of it. But get it right and you can be sure you’ll be taken seriously in the professional world. Be it an interview or a presentation, it becomes a main focus for your audience (you are being judged before you’ve even uttered a word) and is also a mark of good manners. So make sure you are in control of your body language instead of it controlling you and your career and here’s how you can do that:

Always make eye contact

Mastering the art of body language

Mastering the art of body language

Avoiding eye contact can either come across as deceit or under confidence and it sure puts you in a negative light. It is important therefore to make eye contact with your audience, it shows that you believe in what you are saying, making it that much easier to convince your audience. That said, also keep in mind to not stare at a single spot for too long.



Rolling of the eyes

Always a bad idea! Remember it is considered an action of disrespect, and you don’t want to come across as someone with an attitude problem. Always try to make firm eye contact with your audience and even  it is something you disagree with, you can put it forward in a confident, even toned manner.

Smile a little

It’s best to start a presentation or even a business meeting with a slight smile. That does not mean you creepily smile through the whole process even when delivering bad new, no! But a polite smile does clear the air and makes your audience a more willing participant in the process.

Never cross your arms

Always keep your arms open, it makes you seem open to ideas and changes. Crossing of the arms can come across as an arrogant move or makes you seem too casual about the whole thing.

Hand movements

Mastering the art of body language

Mastering the art of body language

Hand movements are extremely crucial in interviews and presentations. Remember to use precise and small hand movements, you can even practice the habit in the front of the mirror. Avoid fidgeting or clasping of the hands at all costs.

Never show your back to your audience

You are the show during your presentation or interview so the audience most definitely does not want to see your back. Showing your back to the audience will lead to them losing interest in what you are saying and you don’t want that.


A comfortable posture lets you breathe easy and makes you look confident, so it is best to not slouch and look tired in front of your audience. Remember displaying too much body movement is also a bad sign, a sign of nervousness and it is distracting to the audience.

Movement of the legs

Shaking of the legs and changing your standing position too often again signifies restlessness and under confidence. Take a confident stance instead, pretend for the duration of the interview or presentation that you are pro at this and you can do this!

You know the technique to mastering a skill is to keep practicing, so keep at it, don’t give up because it didn’t go well the first time, there’ll be plenty of chances.

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