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Most popular careers right now

Choosing a career is like choosing a path that you’re going to be following for the rest of your life, or for a long time anyway, so it makes sense to put a lot of thought into the decision.If you are one of those people stuck at the crossroads of that big life decision and would like to find a path that is slightly less travelled but immensely more satisfying and exciting then today we have some super popular (in terms of demand, we mean) and generously compensating career suggestions for you to keep in mind. Let’s get started shall we!

Most popular careers right now

Most popular careers right now

Translators and interpretors

With businesses and services taking the global route, there is an increasing demand for translators and interpreters. Translators deal with the written word and interpreters deal with oral communication. They basically act as the middle person between two people who are not familiar with each others language. So, interpreters and translators have to have a knack for languages, sound like something you can do?


The demand for registered nurses has increased in this century due to the sudden rise in ailments and technological advancements. The minimum requirement for the professor is a two year diploma in nursing, a lot of people also pursue a four year Bachelor’s in nursing.

Software developer

There would hardly be a household today without a computer, needless to say business completely stop without technology. This technological wave has increased the demand for professional adept at developing softwares that help the computer run. It is probably the most popular profession currently, so before you choose it make sure you actually have the aptitude and the passion for it. The minimum requirement is a Bachelor’s degree in programming or engineering.

Market analyst

A market research analyst basically is responsible for studying a local, regional or national market in order to develop strategies that wold benefit the company. The minimum requirement for a job in the profession is a Bachelor’s degree in business or marketing, however MBA’s have an added advantage.

Event Planners

If organizing events is your thing, the this is the job for you. It is both glamorous and serious. And don’t worry, events don’t always mean birthday parties, now a days corporate houses hire event planners to organize official seminars and if that sounds boring then there are literary events, music events etc.

Teaching and online tutoring

Teaching has undergone a drastic change in the last ten years and if you are a student and have come across online study aids then you would know it is growing and crucial business. This has increased the demand for online teachers, which means teaching  is no more a backup plan.

Nutritionist and Dietitians

We are a generation more conscious of both are health and appearance (not necessarily in that order) which has made nutritionists and dietitians in demand now more than ever. The professions require a license to practice.

Civil Engineers

Infrastructure is the main focus of developing as well as developed nations making Civil Engineering and in demand professions in both. They design, construct and maintain bridges, building flyovers etc.

So, get cracking! Identify your interest and ability and find out more about what you think will suit yo for the rest of your life.

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