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Interesting Facts About Homework

Interesting Facts about Homework

Homework is one such dominating term in academic aspect that has been hated by almost every student across the globe. In such cases, we cannot simply blame students for what is happening around them due to homework as it is the main source of their stress, exertion, headache and lack of sleep. Because of this ongoing debate, homework has been facing a significant backlash around the globe in the present era. This has resulted in more than 60% of students seeking counselling for severe conditions related to anxiety and clinical depression. It has been found that students today are more stressed-out than they should actually be.

Due to the academic pressure objected on students with the help of various complex homework tasks, it is not uncommon to hear that students bring back their assignments home or fail to submit one before the deadline. Yet, as per many universities and their pertaining guidelines, homework still remains an integral part of students and their academic life.

Going back in time, we see that homework was invented by a famous Italian pedagogue named Roberto Nevilis in the year 1095. He developed this phenomenon by being excessively disappointed with the daily academic performance of students. It seemed to him as if students were wasting their time at school, which had no significant positive impact on their knowledge and skills.

Why was homework invented?

Students who hate homework often ask such questions as who invented homework, and why was it actually invented in the first place? Well, if we go through the history of education, we’d realize that almost all traditional educators believe that homework is a crucial part of an effective education system. This is because it helps in the overall development of students by improving their creativity, individuality, initiative, efforts and independence.

Apart from this, there are many such factors that were marked significant in the development of homework-

  • There are multiple subjects at school which are taught to students at different times. But students tend to forget the material of all those subjects due to its complexity and variety. In that case, homework helps to remember the things that have been forgotten with an efficient learning process.
  • It is quite difficult to comprehend complex topics and learn them with great dedication. Assigning tasks like homework fulfils the purpose of complex learning.
  • When it comes to developing creative ideas and innovative factors, homework stands out to be an indispensable source.
  • With the memorization technique offered by homework to students, they can easily grab on the concepts and learn things taught in the classroom.

Purpose of assigning homework

There has always been a long-lasting debate on the topic of why homework is assigned to students and what is its main purpose in their academic life. Even today, there are some people who argue that homework is not mandatory for students to help ace their study material. But there are many researches and surveys being conducted on this topic to prove the relevance of homework in the life of students. Here are some of the primary reasons as to why homework is assigned to students during their academic career-

  • With the help of homework, students get to study without any external estimation or control.
  • They are given the opportunity to study for a specific time period for themselves that too, at their own pace.
  • When at home, they can prevent working in a hurry.
  • They research well and use all the information sources available to them for its compilation.
  • When it comes to the drafts prepared for their homework, they can make as many mistakes as possible, as no one would judge them or grade them if they get failed.
  • They can memorize the things being taught in the classroom and repeat the information gained previously as many times as possible.
  • They are given the freedom to design their own learning plan and monitor its progress as per its needs.

So, we can conclude here by saying that homework not only helps students consolidate things that they already learned in the classroom but also contributes well to their revision period. Along with this, it also helps develop their creativity level, discipline and strong will for working. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your homework assignments or projects, feel free to contact our online homework help services for professional help and guidance.

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