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How To Write A Research Question?

How to Write a Research Question?

A research question is the most important part of your thesis, which is why it needs to be framed accordingly as per the university guidelines and norms. Because of this, students are told to write a good research question that can help them grab good grades in academics with better performance. Also, a good research question signifies the right meaning of your content, points out what you exactly want to find out and gives you a clear perspective and purpose with proper focus on the topic.

So, in order to write a good research question, here we have provided a few simple ways that can help students write one for their academics-

Step 1: Choose an appropriate topic

Since it’s the first thing that your readers are going to read, it needs to be the best one. And to find the best one for your thesis, you must spend adequate time on research and lookout for the best options available to you. While doing that, make sure that the topic you choose must be able to cater to the needs of your project, from providing enough data and facts to exciting the audience with the type of theory and content.

Step 2: Do some preliminary research on the topic

Before moving ahead with the topic, you choose for writing, make sure that you study extensively about the topic and how it caters for the needs of your audience. It should be a good one in terms of providing information and being popular amidst the audience you choose for dispersing.

Step 3: Look out for a specific niche

Instead of going for something broad that too within a given framework and time, narrow down your research and go for a specific niche for your research. In that case, the scope of your research needs to be within a feasible range by narrowing it down to the attention span.

Step 4: Identify a relevant research problem

Once you’re done with the type of topic you are going to write for your research, the next thing that you need to do is identify a relevant research problem within it. This needs to be done to make your audience aware of the problem that persists in society and how it needs to be solved or undertaken, which will be addressed further within the parameters of your research.

Step 5: Write your research question

This is where you actually begin writing with your research question, which gets simply done by turning your research problem into a question. For example, your research problem is the negative impact of Twitter on youth. While addressing it in terms of a research question, it will look like – what is the negative effect of daily use of Twitter on people within the age group of 16-20?

Now that you’re ready with your research question, it’s time to know whether it’s good or bad for your research. Here’s how it needs to be done-

  • A good research question will always focus on the topic precisely. It needs to fulfil the requirements of being focused and grabbing attention.
  • It needs to be well-researched. By saying this, we mean that the answer to your research question must be able to found empirical data or be able to collect information through existing literature or social media.
  • The research question must fit more in the time frame of a more extended project, remarking it to being feasible.
  • Be specific about the contents of your research; it must reflect clear meanings. Also, it should not be a complex one.
  • Make sure that problem you choose for your study must be relevant in terms of the field of your study or society.

The last thing that you need to keep in mind is that for a small research paper or essay, you usually need to write only one research question. But when it comes to a bigger project, you can also develop multiple research questions around the same research problem. Apart from this, if you ever need help regarding your research paper or essay, feel free to contact our online research assignment help service for professional help and guidance.

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