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How To Write A Nursing Research Problem Statement?

How to write a Nursing Research Problem Statement?

Nursing students have to involve a lot of meticulous research with a great amount of writing to compile their assignments. Moreover, in that sense, problem statements can help them simplify things to a larger extent. But when it actually comes to compiling a good research problem statement, that too for a nursing assignment, it is no child’s play as it requires a lot of hard work and efforts.

And no one can deny compiling such assignments, as problem statements and statements of purpose are vital aspects of their academic assignment. This is because it gives them a brief idea about the scope of study on a particular topic. And to resolve more of your queries regarding this aspect, here we have provided a complete guide on writing a nursing research problem statement for students.

Step 1: Briefly understand your topic

Before beginning to write your assignment, make sure that you understand your topic wisely and what is its future scope of the study. Understand what is your paper all about? What are the key points of your discussion? What is the purpose of this study, and how you plan to achieve something from this research?

Always remember that you can only use third-person pronouns in your problem statement. Also, this needs to be written in the past tense. All you need to is discuss the nature of your study, its purpose, and other necessary details for the project.

Step 2: List all the details

Beginning with an impressive introductory line, this section must provide all the details that are necessary for the problem statement. This one is a short section, which is limited to about 7-10 lines max. Check all the details carefully before including them in your paper.

Step 3: Provide an in-depth analysis

Generally, the problem statement is very short in nature, but it needs to be comprehensive in every sense. And for doing that, make sure that you include enough information and facts regarding it. The main purpose and objective of any research is to shed more light on the specific area of study, and this can be done by stating the sector, organization, and core issues regarding the topic of study.

Step 4: Summarize the points

The problem statement that you write for your assignment must benevolently pitch for the research subject as this is something that the readers are going to read first. So, keep the language, tone, format, and structure of your study professional but a bit intriguing. With the help of your problem statement, you tend to highlight the research topic, its methodology, and successful accomplishment. In that sense, ensure that the problem statement you address is readable and relevant as per its context.

Step 5: Conciseness and Clarity

With the help of a problem statement, the writer tries to educate the readers about his research. Along with this, it also discusses and informs them about the practical application of research in everyday life. The only thing that you need to focus on here is to get things straight to the point. Begin straight away with the core issues of your research instead of roaming around those unnecessary facts and information.

As we all know that a problem statement comes at the very beginning of a paper, right after the abstract gets displayed. So, it needs to outline the critical aspects of your research – along with a clear-cut description of the issue and the methods employed for its resolution. You must go through the sample papers and templates available online for a better idea and guidance. Students who are not familiar with this concept of academic writing can take help from our online academic writing experts who provide professional guidance in the field you require. So, don’t worry about your academic papers, as we are here to help you out with the situation.

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