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How To Memorise An Essay!

How to memorise an essay!

Writing essays are a hassle in themselves and a hassle above that is that the essays are also required to be memorized by the students for examinations and tests. Essays are usually long and their word length is huge, which can be anywhere between 500 words to even 3000 words sometimes. In such a situation, students often find it very difficult to memorize an essay and end up losing marks in their exams or tests. While students can shift the burden of writing essays upon dedicated websites such as, the task of learning cannot be delegated to anyone else. Hence, we are providing you a few tips for effectively memorizing essays, such as –

Start Early

The biggest mistake that students often make is that they start memorizing an essay only a few hours before they are supposed to present it in front of a professor or the class. As a result, not only the students remain constrained with the timelines, but they also face a lot of stress because of low possibilities of being able to memorize the whole article properly in the limited amount of time. Hence, it is essential for you to make sure that you start a few days in advance from when you are supposed to present the whole essay so that you have ample time to not only memorize it, but also revise it.

Break and Learn

As we stated earlier, one of the biggest issues with memorizing essays is their length because they tend to be very long. Since the essays are very long, it becomes difficult to remember them properly and one often tends to get confused while trying to remember an essay again. Hence, one important trick in memorizing a long essay is that you can break it into parts and then learn each part at a time. This will make it easier for you to remember the whole content in forms of smaller paragraphs and portions.

Find a proper place to study

One of the many essentials for being able to study properly is that one needs to have a proper space to be able to study at. You cannot study or memorize an essay at a place where there is constant noise and disturbance. Hence, it is important that you choose a place to sit where there is no noise, instead peace and quiet which will allow you to remain more focused upon learning the content of the essay.

Trick your mind to remember

There are several memory tricks that are used by students to memorize essays and articles effectively. One of such tricks is to create acronyms using a letter for each paragraph of the essay so that you can memorize the acronym and it will help you in remembering the main topic or theme of each of the paragraphs. Many other tricks are also available for students to make use of which you can search over the internet and make use of.

Revise and Test

The last step in the process is to ensure that you remember all that you have memorised with so much effort. To ensure that, after you have memorised the essay, revise it properly in one go so that you can later collectively remember the whole essay. Once you are through with the revision, test yourself to see if you would be able to remember the essay in the final test or presentation or not. To do so, create and exam like environment and put away all flash cards, notes and the essay itself so that you do not cheat when you are tempted to. By doing so, you will be able to test yourself in pressurised, exam like situations essay. Once you have tested yourself completely, you can always go back and revise it again.

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